That Was Almost Montana Wind

We are neither fans of waking early and getting out of the house for appointments. And especially when the weather was as nasty as last Friday morning’s weather! Rainy and cold although not enough rain fell at our house to even measure. Headed to Willcox to see a new to me orthopedic surgeon–my appointment was at 8am–ugh! In less than an hour I had x-rays and a gel injection in my knee which is helping tremendously. Stopped for a few groceries and headed home.

Saturday we were on the road again headed to Tucson to pick up a 12 foot long formica countertop for the cabinets located in what we call the “porch” room. If you remember we drove to Sonita and removed those cabinets from a home–the Cowboy “remodeled” the cabinets to make them fit in the porch room giving us much needed storage. Big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot do not sell countertops that long–they only sell 10 foot lengths. So, the handy husband was cruising around on Craigslist and found an individual with a house full of countertops and cabinets left over from a former business in Tucson. We found what we wanted, two guys loaded the piece and we were off.

We had another appointment at 1pm which left us with time to kill. Although I didn’t need much of anything we stopped by the Marana Costco–I sure found a lot of stuff for someone that didn’t need much!

Our 1pm appointment texted us that she was home and we headed to Oro Valley. I had found two beautiful leather chairs with ottomans on Craigslist–the chairs came home with us–in need of a good cleaning (why do people not clean stuff before trying to sell it???) but they are beautiful! Not new–but with lots of life left.

And as if we hadn’t done enough driving in two days we drove over to Willcox on Saturday evening for their lighted Christmas parade. It was chilly enough that my long, heavy coat and gloves felt great! Beautiful parade, lots of people.

Snowplow in Willcox, Arizona????

And there is Snoopy fighting it out with the Red Baron!
This was the Red Baron in his airplane.

The Cowboy has finished wiring his garage and has it all organized to his satisfaction. I finished some touch up painting in the porch area from where we gouged the walls getting that countertop installed.

This afternoon I was talking to a friend on the telephone and the most awful noise caused Emmi to start barking and the house to rattle. It was two warthog fighter planes flying over at about 200 feet–the Cowboy was outside and said he could clearly see the pilots.

Last night we had some Big Timber type wind–blew one of our wicker chairs right off the porch along with all the feet wiping mats.

22 thoughts on “That Was Almost Montana Wind

  1. Merry, Merry Christmas to you and the Cowboy!! I think your house looks great! I also love hearing about the progress with your knee, I’m in a similar situation and am debating what to do!! Is knee surgery in your future? Thanks !


    1. The gel injections worked great–I had two series of three injections over the last year or so. And yes, a total knee is in my future but if I can postpone if for a while and get relief from these injections I am going to do it. Just to be clear, these are not cortisone injections–those did nothing for my knee. I do have a torn meniscus in addition to being almost bone on bone–a clear indication for a knee replacement.


  2. Your tree is so pretty!
    Happy the gel injections work….. how long can you
    have them?
    Well now we need to see the wonderful chairs. We don’t seem to have good buys like you find in our area.
    Could be I don’t peruse Craig’s list enough. Lol
    Best wishes to you both for a Merry Christmas🎄🥰


    1. Merry Christmas to you too Linda. My orthopedist in Montana told me they had been giving gel injections to a patient for nine years! I doubt I wait that long to get my knee replaced, we will see. The gel injections worked–we will see how well this newest one does–it takes a few weeks to get the full effect. I’ve ordered a rug, etc., for the porch and will take photos when it’s all put together–we are so pleased!


  3. Merry Christmas you two- it’s great to see your blog from time to time & share events plus house progress which is outstanding as usual.So,where is the pic of that countertop,lol?


  4. Your tree looks beautiful and hope your gel treatment works out better than it did for me….Merry Christmas ! I’m going back to dog fighting with the Red Baron.


    1. Merry Christmas to you also and thanks for commenting! The gel injections work for me–we will see how this newest ones does. My father loved Snoopy and the Red Baron–those two floats were my favorites in the parade!

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  5. So happy you found an orthopedic surgeon and had the injection. And you guys find the bestest things on Craigslist/FB Market. We have never sold or bought anything that way. We should give it a try! Love the parade lights and LOVE your beautiful Christmas tree! Merry Christmas to you three!


  6. I had the gel injections many years ago and it really worked. We have a new process here in Vegas for giving the injections. They are using an interactive x-ray when they are injecting. It suppose to help the doctor pinpoint the exact place to put the gel. The way it’s been done is pretty blind and they don’t always hit the correct area. Hope you get relief in a month or so. Love you tree! Merry Christmas to the three of you:)


    1. This is my third go around with the injections and they do help tremendously. I’m not thrilled with the physician I chose–he kept me waiting almost an hour yesterday–GRRR! Merry Christmas to you and John!


  7. I’m so glad the gel injections are working well for you. I whacked my knee last week on an end table and it swelled up immediately to the size of an egg. It was back to normal after a day of icing and rest, but it’s still sore. Makes me realize just how awful it would be to have knee problems. 😦

    Your Christmas tree is so beautiful! And that holiday parade looks very festive…I especially like the Santa and Rudolph tractors. Merry Christmas to you three!


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