Not All Days Are Perfect

Well, it had to come, it’s been winter in Arizona the last few days. Windy and chilly. Our home in Arizona sits at 4500 feet elevation–we are going to have some chilly days–can’t be avoided. But not as chilly as Montana has been the last few days–14 degrees and lower!

On Facebook I had noticed advertisements from a used furniture store in Douglas. I messaged the store on Thursday to ask if they were open. Yes, someone would be there until 3pm. We arrived at 2pm to find the lights off and the door locked. Anyone want to place bets on how long that place will survive?? So, we joked and said we drove 100 miles round trip for a Dairy Queen blizzard!😆

Friday was one long, long day! I had an appointment for my second and final knee injection. The surgeon kept me waiting almost an hour past my appointment time. His waiting room was the size of a cracker box with all the over scheduled patients sitting on top of each other.  Anyone want to place bets as to my ever going back to him for anything??

While waiting for me to finally come out of the doctor’s office the Cowboy searched for restaurants with patios in Tucson–with this surge in omicron cases of covid we had no desire to eat inside a restaurant. He found a Bisbee Breakfast Club close by and that’s where we dined–on their chilly patio with our hands wrapped around cups of hot coffee! We didn’t know the famous Bisbee restaurant had locations in Tucson–the food was great and so was our service!

A quick stop at Costco and a fruitless journey trying to find another used furniture store–it doesn’t exist any longer we are thinking.  The traffic on Grant was atrocious and we made a mental note to stay away from that part of Tucson in the future!

To Green Valley we go. Emmi had a veterinarian appointment and I had a small Walmart grocery pickup order. The vet clinic was super busy on this Friday afternoon and we waited about 30 minutes past our appointment time, seeing a new to the clinic veterinarian. We are going to try giving Emmi antibiotics long term to see if we can get rid of this chronic diarrhea.

Finally at about 6pm we were home. Ugh–what a day!!

Saturday we puttered and I cooked making more Christmas candies and an appetizer for a party. Saturday evening we journeyed (it’s not far!) to Dan and Louanne’s for a lovely Christmas party with drinks and delicious snacks! Their house looks so festive–

Someone noticed the rising moon and I stepped outside with Louanne’s phone snapping the above photo and some moon photos that didn’t turn out well.

This is the moon going down Sunday morning over the Dragoons.

Sunday was a low key day–a late breakfast and the Cowboy decided cutting up some of the firewood our caretaker brought us over the summer was in order. Just after noon I retrieved Louanne and we went to the coffee shop where local vendors were having a small bazaar. The rest of the day was spent puttering and relaxing plus walking the pooch.

Life is still good!

18 thoughts on “Not All Days Are Perfect

  1. It’s often surprising to us to see how people chose to run their business! I guess they don’t need customers! Good luck with the antibiotics, I hope Emmi feels better soon.


  2. It’s just amazing that a business thinks it’s going
    to prosper and keep irregular hours. So irritating!
    So sorry for Emmi…. I’m sure you have done it all
    but have you tried a good source of Probiotics?
    I know it has helped some people immensely.
    Sounds like you have some tasty goodies at your
    house! Hard to stay out of them! Lol


  3. Poor Emmi. Don’t know if you’ve tried it but I seem to recall Chuck & Geri adopted a dog that had been returned because of bad gas and bowel issues. They cured the dog with canned pumpkin added to his diet. It’s worth some research as it has to be more gentle and cheaper than antibiotics.


  4. A blizzard in Arizona beats one in Montana. Did not know that BBC had another location,but did enjoy the one in Bisbee years ago.


  5. I sure hope the antibiotics help and Emmi is much better soon. The glow in your moon setting photo is pretty and your friends home is lovely. Merry Christmas to you, Michael and Emmi. Gay


    1. We sure hope so too–it’s not as if she feels bad–she certainly doesn’t act like anything is bothering her but it’s just the constant reoccurrence of diarrhea which if not treated seems to morph into more serious issues. Merry Christmas to you and your gang Gay!


  6. Brrrr! But a bit of chilly weather does make it seem more like Christmas, doesn’t it? Our temps are 48 degrees here this morning in north Florida. I know, I know, that’s not cold. But it’s chilly for Florida! 🙂
    I hope Emmi feels better. I’ve also heard the canned pumpkin works well for digestive issues for dogs.
    Happy holidays!


  7. I try to give small, local furniture places some business, but have been disappointed every time and end up going back to Wayfair and Ashley. I have no patience for doctors who don’t know how to schedule appointments or provide a safe waiting area. Beautiful moon pic – it’s been sooo big the last couple nights! Hope Emmi girl gets relief soon.


    1. I’m glad it’s not just me–I’ve walked out of many doctor’s offices because I would not wait–I need to go back to that behavior! It’s sad that we are resorting to internet based businesses but what is one to do when businesses behave as the one in Douglas did. Emmi is good–the antibiotics eliminate the diarrhea and maybe the long term dose will eliminate it permanently! Happy Holidays Jodee and Bill!


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