We Are in Pearce

Monday morning we took our time getting ready to leave North Ranch and pulled out just a little after 8am.  Again we fought gusty winds, moron drivers and heat.  It seemed to take us forever to travel 277 miles.  Finally a little after 2pm we rolled into our driveway in Pearce.  Our little homestead was a touch on the weedy side and the house/garage were terribly spider infested–other than that, all was good.  I haven’t taken any photos so our readers will just have to enjoy grandchildren photos!

 Laci, Lora and Brooks–adorable photo!

Today we began tackling all the chores awaiting us–first up was to unload the bay of this toyhauler.  I knew one of the boxes contained my Cuisinart coffeemaker–I’m done with this perked coffee business–ick!  I then grabbed a rake and started trying to find our gravel which was hidden by all kinds of horrible weeds and seeds, making slight progress!

The Cowboy started working on our wiring issue–the only RV plug he installed last year was a 50amp for our motorhome.  This toyhauler is a 30amp rig and the Cowboy brought no adapters–last night we ran an extension cord from the house.  The wiring was all there, he just needed to install a plug–all done and the air conditioner works–a very good thing!

The washer/dryer works–multiple loads went through today.  I vacuumed all the spiders I could find inside the house and the Cowboy swept and smashed the ones in the garage with a broom.  Late this afternoon I was able to take a nice long shower in the house bathroom–awesome!

 Isn’t this just the greatest photo!  It’s a great place to grow up!

The backhoe spent the summer at our neighbor’s–Brian and Diane–who also drilled our well.  This afternoon late we retrieved the backhoe and visited with them for a while–seems this hot weather is unusual for October in Arizona and we are hoping it cools soon!

That’s our progress story for today!  A supply run is being planned!

Lots Of Visiting

It was a warm one today but in spite of 80+ degree temps we decided to take an ATV ride.  The Cowboy and I have discussed purchasing a 4-wheeler type ATV for use on the ranch in Montana–it’s much easier to spray weeds from a 4-wheeler than from a side by side.  Larry and Geri have CanAm Outlander quads.  We had Honda quads and the Cowboy wanted to try one of Geri and Larry’s out for size and ride.  So, Geri, Larry and Emmi took our CanAm Commander; the Cowboy and I each rode one of their quads.  I’m out of practice riding my own machine but those machines are nice–easier riding, easy steering–very nice machines!

Saturday we had lunch at Nichols West and as usual had a fabulous meal.  After lunch we all took a trip to Wickenburg–auto parts store and grocery store.  It’s been a while since we had a Dairy Queen ice cream so we remedied that situation too!

Saturday evening Jim and Ellie joined us for happy hour–it was great to see them and spend some time talking/laughing!  Today I went down to visit with Mike and Pat–catching Jerry and Caryl as they had also stopped in to chat.  Late this afternoon the Cowboy and I went over to tell Jim and Ellie goodbye/see you later.  I think we caught up with all our friends who are currently in residence at North Ranch and Congress–we miss our friends, a lot–so catching up was a good thing!

Larry and Geri served up another great meal tonight–hamburgers on the grill, potatoes and a salad.  Ice cream with homemade hot fudge sauce–I’m afraid we need to go or we won’t fit in the door of the camper if we keep eating like this!!!  We at least take a nice long walk after dinner every evening!

Monday we are departing for Pearce–next blog post will be from our winter spot!

That Was Different

 This was the first long trip in the Roadmaster Predator toyhauler and it was certainly a different way of traveling for us!!!  It was cold when we left Montana Wednesday morning and we fought strong winds all day.  We stopped for the night 530 miles later in Jackpot, Nevada and it was dang cold plus extremely windy.  The Cactus Pete’s RV park is a great place to stop for the night and knowing it would be cold, we wanted hookups–full hookups, $20/night.

One thing we noticed right off the bat–when you are traveling in your motorhome, the heat is on and your “house” is warm when the day is done.  When traveling with a truck and trailer that trailer is dang cold when you stop!  It took a long time for the furnace to heat our “house” to a tolerable level!

We only spend one night in each spot we stop on our way to and from Arizona.  The Cowboy did not want to unload the CanAm each night and I agreed.  That CanAm just about fills this toyhauler leaving no place to sit.  The couches have to fold up along the walls and the CanAm goes in between those couches.  It also comes so far forward into the toyhauler, it’s difficult to reach the cabinets for supplies.  So–as you see in the above photo–I was trying to find us something to eat that first night, Emmi was under my feet and I stepped on her toe–“Dad” took her to the CanAm for consoling!

Finding a place to sit with our morning coffee was also an issue–the Cowboy sat on the stool we use to climb into the front bunk, I used the CanAm–not quite the same as our motorhome!

Thursday afternoon found us in Alamo, Nevada at the fairgrounds–full hookups for $13.  The local kids used the area surrounding the fairgrounds as a dirt bike track for a while until it became dark–then it was totally quiet.  Friday morning the Cowboy tricked me–he likes to get an early start.  When we went to bed I said, “I forgot to change the clock, it’s actually an hour earlier than the clock shows.”  Well–this morning my brain wasn’t working and I totally forgot about changing time zones.  I got up at what I thought was 6am, showered and made coffee–sitting in the CanAm I could see another clock which by that time said almost 8am.  OK–I better get moving, the Cowboy likes to be rolling by between 7 and 7:30 and we are late!  I go outside, grabbing Emmi and tell my driver I will meet him down by the road, Emmi and I will walk that far.  As I’m walking I glance at my watch which I had changed–it’s only a little after 7am!!!  I got up at 5am, not 6am and the Cowboy said, “I never looked at a clock this morning!”–yea right!!!

The Cowboy enjoying some warmth!

We rolled into North Ranch about 1pm and it was so good to see Geri and Larry!  We are parked in their yard for a few days–Geri had a wonderful supper for us tonight and afterwards we took a walk running into other folks we know in the park.

We are glad the wheels aren’t rolling for a few days and it will be good to catch up with all the happenings in Larry and Geri’s lives. Emmi is loving all the extra attention!

And a lesson in what not to do when you are parking for free in a busy business parking lot–this is at the truck stop/gas station in Alamo, Nevada–a very, very busy place.  Restaurant, grocery store, truck stop, etc.  The parking lot is small and the traffic heavy through the gas station.  Here sits this RV–awning is out, chairs are out–not sure I would have had the nerve to sit where they were sitting–traffic was whizzing right by their awning and I am thinking some of the truckers came a little too close on purpose–maybe to make point!!!!

It’s good to be in Arizona again!

A Gorgeous Day

The wind finally stopped howling Sunday evening and today has been a picture perfect fall day.  Monday we made a quick trip to Big Timber–seems a good friend needed another little horse wall hanging and I’m quite fond of this particular friend so we made it happen.  Pink fabric was required and for some strange reason, I had ONE piece of pink fabric in my stash.  Another dear friend, Jeane, offered the pink fabric from her stash so off to town we went.  The little wall hanging is finished and I will hand sew the binding as we are toodling down the road on our way to Arizona.

Monday evening we were out and about once again–driving over the mountain to Livingston to have dinner with Sarge and Sarah one last time before we depart.  Our meals were fantastic–I splurged and had the Rib and Chop famous beef filet–outstanding!

A reader recently asked about the pattern for the quilt Mom pieced several years ago–this one–and here is the pattern–

Extremely easy!

We again spent today getting ready to depart for warmer climates–soon I am thinking!Laci and LoraMaybe Brooks is starting to like his new little sister???


Grand Babies, Quilts And More Packing

Let’s start off with grand babies–Last night we enjoyed dinner at Lonn’s with the family.  Laci made the best cheesy potatoes, Michael (Katie’s) was in charge of shrimp and Lonn the delicious ribs.  I was in charge of holding Millee Bliss.  She is so tiny and has mixed up her days and nights–don’t all babies do that???

According to Laci this was a failed experiment–neither child was sitting still for long and Laci (the boss) said the high chair was going back into use today????  Lora and Brooks love each other and are getting along very well–this wasn’t the case when Lora first arrived from Germany and found this other kid in “her” Grandpa’s house!!

We said our goodbyes at the end of the evening and this Mimi was very sad.  Lora and Laci will be back in Germany by the time we return in the spring.  Brooks and Millee will have grown so much–both Mom’s have “post lots of photos” instructions!

Going from a forty foot motorhome to a 26 foot toy hauler travel trailer in terms of packing is very difficult!  I had 15 drawers in the motorhome and countless cabinets–a place for everything and everything in its place.  I now have two drawers and few cabinets.  We talked about renting a U-Haul truck but decided against it–we will just selectively purchase replacements for things we would have taken back to Arizona had we still owned the motorhome.

This spring when we came home to Montana from Arizona I think I had seven quilt tops of my own ready to go on the longarm.  Number six is a top my Mom pieced while visiting one summer, long, long ago.  And number seven is a top I’ve worked on for several years–it’s on the longarm and tonight I finished one of the blocks–I love it–but I’m thinking this quilt isn’t going to be finished before we leave–too much custom quilting.  Here’s the first finished block–

it feels good to have all those tops finished and several have gone to happy homes!

Nat and Barb came for lunch today–sad to tell them goodbye too!  As I type this blog it is snowing and a mite chilly!

Happy Birthday To The Cowboy

We celebrated the Cowboy’s birthday today with a trip to Billings and lunch at CJ’s.  I had a hair appointment for what I call, “my last good haircut for a while,” and we needed just a few things at Costco and WalMart.

We fought a serious head wind all the way back to Big Timber, the semi trucks on the freeway were struggling!  We stopped at Nat’s to retrieve Emmi and the Cowboy had some minor repairs to do–a leaky toilet which was a quick fix and a light bulb way up in the ceiling requiring the use of a ladder.

The Cowboy struggles with anything labeled “Apple!”  He has a fixed dislike of Apple products and has been using Nat’s discarded iPad under duress.  He loves the tablet concept just not Apple!  So his dear wife gifted the Cowboy a Samsung Galaxy Tab A for his birthday.  He had to leave it at home to charge this morning but tonight we have him up and running/swiping! 🙂

Early today I was on Facebook and saw some scary photos of a fire in Big Timber in the wee hours of this morning.  The old high school building burned–Nat and the Cowboy both went to high school in this building.  It had been abandoned/unused for 30+ years.  The current high school was built in 1981.  The building’s present owner had no interest in maintaining or repairing the building and the structure was probably in all honesty no longer usable–it was a community eyesore and some people thought it a danger/liability.  Big Timber, MT has an awesome volunteer fire department.  Our historic Carnegie Library sits just across the alley from the school building, the community civic center is attached to the old school on the west side, there are also homes and other businesses just across that alley.  None of these buildings/homes appear to have sustained any damage due to our awesome fire department!

The wind seems to have died down, hopefully for the night but it’s supposed to blow hard again Saturday.  We are busily packing this and that–packing is a touch different this year.  We are traveling with a truck and trailer–in the past we had a motorhome with lots of horsepower pulling a thirty foot trailer–needless to say, I’m being a touch more careful about “weight!”

Lunch And A Road Trip

Who cut off the top of our mountain???  Tuesday was so dang windy and cold–absolutely miserable, I think our high temp was less than 40 degrees.

Tuesday the Cowboy and I went to Big Timber–I was having lunch with the ladies, Jeane and Jill, before we depart. We occupied prime real estate at the Grand for the better part of two hours catching up with all the news.  The Cowboy found lots of folks to talk to in various “guy” establishments–the auto parts store, the local restaurant–the Frosty Freez, etc. The Cowboy isn’t much of a talker so I think he was worn out by the time we got home! 🙂

Today we went to Missoula and back on a wild goose chase–that’s all I’m going to say–a wild goose chase.  A long, long drive for nothing–at least the scenery is beautiful between here and there!

It’s still a little warm in Arizona and it’s way too cold here–can’t decide whether to leave or stay??  We are both anxious to start working on our Arizona project so “leave” will probably win out!  Still have a couple things to do here then the wheels will start rolling!


A New Great Grand Child

Meet Miss Millee Bliss who was born Friday, September 30.  She was a week early but still weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces.  We love her to pieces all ready!  Sunday evening was spent at Lonn’s loving on all the grand babies–you will have to bear with me–lots of sweet photos–

 Blurry photo but happy Grandpa Lonn. Not sure Lora is so pleased with this new person in her life???

And I know Brooks hasn’t a clue what’s happening in his world!  He’s a busy little boy!

Nat and Barb came for lunch yesterday–we had a very enjoyable visit.  Today the Cowboy and I went to Big Timber–I had an old iPhone 5c which I had tried on various occasions to sell.  A couple days ago in our local Facebook garage sale site I noticed someone in search of an iPhone.  That person managed to make their iPhone work but someone else wanted mine–we were delivering it today.  And only in small towns–we met them at a local restaurant to exchange phone for money and they asked if we minded their joining us for lunch.  Well–what do you say but “of course.”  It turned out to be a very nice chance meeting–she is a radiology technologist and he works for one of the refineries in Billings.  They have a son going to college in Powell, WY who dropped his phone, destroying it.  The only way he could communicate with his mom was via email and mom wasn’t happy with that method of communication–thus the “new” phone for him!

Dang it’s cold in Montana–in the 20’s tonight with snow flurries–our preparations for departure are taking on speed!

We are both enthralled with our fall colors–everywhere you look is stunning color!

A Short Indian Summer

Judging from the upcoming weather forecast our good weather days are going to be a thing of the past.  Thursday and Friday were absolutely beautiful.  Today I worked in the yard for most of the day cleaning out the flower beds and it was warm enough to work without a jacket.  Clouds are rolling in tonight and the temps are dropping.  Makes us think Arizona is calling???

Friday afternoon we took a drive over the mountain to Lonn’s–the scenery was breathtaking even more so than usual.

The Cowboy has a stock pile of gravel–he spent the morning spreading gravel on some of our more muddy spots in the driveway.  He had to play musical spots with all the trailers–he uses our John Deere skidsteer to move the trailers–much easier in tight places than with the pickup.

On the way to Lonn’s yesterday I spotted this guy inside a corral fence beside the road–

I’m getting out of here!The end!

I’m not very wordy tonight–will just let the photos tell the story. 🙂

This And That

It was another perfect fall day, the crows are gathering, leaf color is popping and the temps were perfect.  We made a run to Billings for lunch and Costco–the pantry was a little bare after our Arkansas company departed and I was gone for a few days.

Isn’t that the most gorgeous view–coming into Bozeman yesterday in a strange plane–as in it was half empty–very unusual!

Last spring before we moved from North Ranch I purchased a DSLR camera from our friend Mike McFall–a very nice, little used Nikon D5000.  I love to take photos, always have–I am seldom without a camera of some sort on my person when out and about.  As I was struggling to learn about aperture, shutter speed, etc., I became very frustrated and I realized the DSLR was destroying my pleasure in photography.  For months I forged on, reading, taking photos, deleting photos, muttering–very frustrating.  Right after the eclipse–when I really struggled with that blasted camera–I gave up.  The Cowboy was totally supportive and once I made the decision to rid myself of the camera a weight lifted off my shoulders!  One email later and that camera was heading to a new home–Al of the Bayfield Bunch was happy to have the Nikon.  Kelly was traveling to Spencerport, NY to visit her mom so the camera was mailed to her.

I have one last quilt top of my own to quilt on the longarm and I hope to have it finished before we head south for the winter.  I’ve been hand sewing the bindings–my fingers are sore!  Here are some of my finished pieces–

 This one went home with my sister, she has a new dining table and thought it would look great as a topper–it did!This one is flannel and when Nat’s caretaker/roommate Barb admired it, I decided this quilt would go to Barb as a gift for all she does for Nat.  We took it to her this morning on our way to Billings and she was thrilled.

That’s about all the this and that–we are loving this Montana fall weather but are starting to plan our trip south.

Still no new great grandchild but here are some cool photos of the family.Image may contain: one or more people, tree, child, hat, outdoor and natureLooking for elk with Grandpa Lonn.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, mountain, sky, cloud, outdoor and natureI LOVE this photo–it brought tears to my eyes it is so beautiful!

And here’s the big brother in waiting–