Winter Came To Arizona

About 4am Sunday morning the wind, rain, thunder and lightening woke us all, Emmi included.  At 1pm the temp is still only 45 degrees and the wind is blowing–not Big Timber, Montana speeds–but blowing all the same.  Winter came to Arizona.

John and Brenda have departed and by now are probably looking for warmer pastures, they weren’t impressed with our “winter” temps and frozen hoses!

Saturday I painted all day long and the larger bedroom is now fully painted–I see some light spots which will need touch up but that’s all!  I was pleased with my day’s work as was the Cowboy–he finished laying the floor tile in the closet.

We attended church today and were so glad we did–the music was absolutely outstanding!  We are talking symphony quality!  The Desert Strings–three very talented violinists, plus our regular pianist, Jodie and her singer daughter, Camme performed several Christmas song selections throughout the service.  The last one, Oh Holy Night, took my breath away.  Camme beautifully reached all those high notes in that song–a favorite of mine.  After the service the church provided the meat and potatoes for a potluck meal–the food was delicious!

And while it’s chilly outside, we are warm and toasty inside our little house, life is good!

Out With One, In With Another

It was a cold morning Wednesday as we watched Ainslie and Beryl drive away heading for the Mexican border.  We received an email Thursday which said they had arrived in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico safe and sound. They spent three hours stopped in one spot for an accident–it’s unsafe to drive on the Mexican roadways after dark–people graze their cows, horses, etc. along the road and many animals as well as people are killed after striking one of these animals in the dark.  Due to the accident delay Ainslie and Beryl chose to stay in the parking lot of a Pemex fuel station rather than drive in the dark–they had a safe and quiet night Ainslie said in the email.

Thursday afternoon Canadian friends John and Brenda arrived–

We enjoyed a pleasant dinner and conversation before John and Brenda retired to their rig to take advantage of our unlimited internet.  They recently sold their home in Maricopa and are back on the road RVing while visiting the US–and as all our RVing friends know, mobile internet is expensive–way expensive!

The Cowboy laid a few tile in the closet today while I cleaned away some of the construction dust and made dinner.  I also went into town for a few groceries–it never ceases to amaze me what I can find in this little town–everything on my list today.  And–the local Produce Wagon store had a harpist playing Christmas music–bet you don’t see that at your local Safeway store!!!

I’ve also decorated a little more for Christmas–

Kelly, that candle you gave me at the Goddess Gathering smells divine!

RVing ladies–do you know how to do all the “blue” jobs–the outside jobs of your RV?  Do you know how to empty the holding tanks, unhook the water hose and electric cord?  Do you know how to retract the awnings, pull up the jacks, retract the slides, etc.???  Can you hook up your trailer or fifth wheel to the truck?  I can honestly say I can do all these things and if we had a fifth wheel, I could hook it to the hitch in the truck and drive it away.  I don’t like to drive a motorhome but I can.  But what if a situation such as Jodee and Bill experienced the other day happened to you–check out Jodee’s blog post and find out how Jodee handled a forest fire evacuation order in California when Bill who had gone to a doctor’s appointment was unable to return to the RV park due to fire closed freeways.  Scary stuff–but Jodee was prepared!

Life is good!

Every Day Is Progress

Every single day progress happens–it might be a baby step but it’s still progress.  Today (Tuesday) Ainslie and the Cowboy laid cement board in the larger bedroom and closet after I painted the closet.  This afternoon late the Cowboy hung a clothing rod and now we have an actual place to hang clothes!  My clothes have been hanging out in trailer, the Cowboy’s in the laundry room.  Other stuff was scattered here and there–it’s nice to have a real closet!

Sunday after church Ainslie took this photo of the Cowboy, Emmi and me–sunglasses might be in order!

Last season the washer was leaking and the Cowboy ordered a new pump.  The washer stopped leaking and the new pump was never installed.  A couple days ago I went into the laundry room to find LOTS of water on the floor–oops, the pump is leaking again.  Today was the day for pump installation and it went surprisingly well!

Ainslie and Beryl are heading to Mexico tomorrow–they are adventuresome travelers!  Tonight we enjoyed another great meal–Ainslie smoked ribs all afternoon–delicious.

Progress, another great day!

Just A Great Day

First off some grandchildren photos which in itself makes for a great day!–Brooks loves books–his teacher mom is seeing to that!

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingAnd our little ham, Lora in Germany.  And Katie, Mike, Brooks and Millee–

Sunday morning Ainslie and Beryl accompanied us to church where we were delighted by a visiting family–singing and playing blue grass music–the talent of the parents and their children was amazing!  After church Ainslie treated us to “brunch” at Sandy’s–a very, very busy local restaurant.  A great day!

We’ve now spent two nights in the house and with the low temps (23 degrees!!)  we experienced Friday and Saturday morning that’s a good thing!  The tile floor in the small bedroom looks great as do the two beat up twin beds we resurrected–photos soon.

Sergio and crew didn’t work Thursday but were here bright and early Friday morning and by evening we had this–What a difference just the concrete made in the appearance of our little guest house–the wooden beam across the front is where the porch roof will attach.  The two colors of cement will go on in about ten days after this cement “cures.” The “bump outs” around each window and door will be a darker color than the rest of the house.

Saturday Ainslie and the Cowboy laid cement board over one half the living/dining area while I painted and painted some more.  Today, Sunday we decided it was a day of rest and did NO reconstruction work!  Unless you count the Cowboy trying to repair a Cuisinart coffeemaker–it’s amazing what you can learn on the internet!!! And he will probably be successful–he ordered the hose for the repair from Amazon!

In the evening we decided construction zone or not, we needed Christmas decorations–we came to an executive decision.  For the time being we won’t finish the flooring in the living/dining area–the Cowboy will move floor reconstruction to the larger bedroom and closet.  Out came the decorations and a big huge box the Cowboy picked up in Sierra Vista week before last–

And we have decorations–I have more to do such as a tree skirt, etc. but for now this fills the bill!

Just a great day!



Even Though We Are Hard At Work

Even though we are working so hard, life is good.  I have a back ache from picking up 50 pound propane tanks–the older guy who filled them said, “sure hope you can load these because I can’t!”  Wish he had told me before he started filling–those dang bottles were heavy!  I came home and told the Cowboy I wasn’t doing the propane run any longer!  But life is still good!

Seattle will finish the drywall Friday and maybe the amount of dust will lessen.  The Cowboy and Ainsley grouted the tile in the small bedroom today.  I painted the twin bed rails, headboards and foot boards plus I painted the larger bedroom ceiling with primer.

It rained a very small amount Tuesday night but enough to keep the stucco guys from starting the concrete work.  It rained again this morning and was miserably chilly/windy all day–our high was 47 degrees!!!–so no stucco work.  We are to experience our first freezing temps tonight–I have to keep reminding myself–it is winter even if we are in the desert!

The national Christmas tree in Washington, DC came all the way from Montana–I borrowed this photo from the KTVQ/Billings Facebook page.

This afternoon after we finished our chores we all took a drive into the little community of Sunsites–we drove by some of the less expensive houses for sale, visited both Dollar stores and ended the evening at the local bar for drinks and dinner.  Back home we went our separate ways–I’m thinking it’s going to be really cold tonight!

Tuesday night our poor UPS man delivered packages to us at 9pm!!  Poor Paul–I baked cookies yesterday so if he comes that late again he will get treats!

And speaking of treats–Ainsley made clam chowder yesterday–it is the best we’ve ever eaten!!  We enjoyed the chowder with homemade bread–we are eating like kings–Ainsley is cooking again on Saturday, he is smoking a pork shoulder–see, life is good!

Oregon Visitors

Moon going down over the Dragoon Mountains early Monday morning.

In about 2007/2008 we spent a couple months in Alamos, Mexico.  We had a big Ford one ton dually truck and a 34 foot 5th wheel trailer.  In the RV park where we stayed we met another couple–Ainsley and Beryl–from Coos Bay, Oregon.  They were frequent travelers to Alamos and other parts of Mexico.  We enjoyed their company while there and have visited each other at our respective homes.  Our friends are on their way to Mexico for the winter and stopped by to see us for a few days.  We enjoyed a great dinner and catching up for a while before the tired travelers headed to their fifth wheel for the night.

WOW–Sergio’s crew is amazingly fast–they started working right at 8am Monday morning and this morning it was 7:15 when they arrived.  The guys take an hour lunch break but the rest of the time they are moving–hard at work.

I can’t wait until we bury the power lines underground and I don’t have power lines in every photo I take!

Even the styrofoam makes our little house look better!  Their scaffolding is a little western as the Cowboy would say!

And we have a finished bathroom–except for flooring and vanity lighting.  The first shower I took was marvelous–I was so weary of that tiny shower in the trailer!  We have the light fixture which goes over the mirror–soon!

I painted the end wall of the living/dining room a pumpkin color–same color I used as an accent in the North Ranch house.  I only had a partial quart can of the paint and should never have started painting with so little paint available.  Wouldn’t you know it, I needed to do some touch-up and didn’t have enough paint.  So, Seattle tells me our little hardware store sells Ace Hardware paint–they do/did and it’s a close match but what’s that saying, “close only counts in horseshoes.”  I painted the entire wall again but now I have to do the cut in work around the edges as the paint doesn’t quite match–oh, well–I needed something else to do didn’t I.

The Cowboy finished the tile floor in the small bedroom and is now laying the “baseboard” tile–it looks great!  Emmi has chased sticks and balls plus growled and barked at all these guys who have invaded her space–drives her crazy when she can hear them on the roof.


Five Trips In One Week

We like to go as much as the next person but good grief, five trips to Sierra Vista in less than a week was about four too many!  Tuesday we had to go get more drywall mud for Seattle and we chose flooring.  Wednesday I returned that chosen flooring and purchased the tile.  Thursday the Cowboy went back for the flooring materials which wouldn’t fit on the truck Wednesday due to weight.  Friday we stayed home.  Saturday I was back in the truck–we made the mistake of perusing Craigslist too much!  I found a pair of twin beds in Bisbee and a couch in Sierra Vista.  It’s a long way around from Pearce to Bisbee to Sierra Vista and back to Pearce!  The twin beds were great–nice wood, beat up a bit but I’m going to paint them a dark gray.  The couch was almost new but it belonged to a single woman so we had no men/cowboys to help us load it–I gave her a down payment and promised to return next week.  Then I had another awesome experience in Home Depot–NOT!

Well, I thought we were going to church this morning but the Cowboy called me outside and asked if I would mind if the porch roof was a few feet shorter–seems someone measured wrong (and it wasn’t me!) and the flashing I bought at Home Depot on Saturday was a touch short.  I think he was teasing about the porch roof being shorter but my reply was, “of course I mind!!”

So I went to church while he did some other chores.  We had a quick lunch of that delicious chili and then headed to Sierra Vista.  I notified the woman with the couch we were on our way so at least we killed two birds with one stone/trip! 🙂

This is the couch, the photo was taken by the seller. I declined to purchase the matching rug! 🙂

So, we are finally home again and unloaded.  Seattle should be finished this week, Sergio and crew come tomorrow to start the stucco work–thus the quick trip to Home Depot today!–and we have guests arriving.  Never a dull moment around here!

The resident owl swooped down and landed on a nearby power pole–

And tonight’s super moon is stunning–

Just Plugging Along

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, baby and shoesI would say Miss Millie is growing!  And I do wish her Mom and Dad would stop calling her grumpy!  But then, I’m not the one getting up in the middle of the night am I???

The Cowboy had Sierra Vista duty on Thursday and I stayed home to paint.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Seattle is finishing up the drywall work and I’m painting right behind him.  The smaller bedroom painting is finished and one half of the living/dining area is painted.  The Cowboy started work as soon as he was home from Sierra Vista–laying cement board in the smaller bedroom–today he started putting down tile. The tiles are 16 x 16 so this task should go quickly??  The stucco guy is coming Monday–that will really make our little house look good!

Right before my nurse friends came to visit I discovered the cutest little shop right down the road from us–Marcia’s Garden Soap Shop.  It’s a special place, smells divine and has an excellent selection of soaps, lotions and candles.  The sales person in the shop told me Marcia has a busy website and I’ve included a link. Marcia’s husband Bill is our local postmaster.

The official, noisy greeter at the soap shop!
Such a welcoming little shop!
Inside the shop, everything is displayed so tastefully!
And one of the milk producers–very curious!

We’ve taken some breaks–I did some Christmas shopping at the soap shop, we took a short CanAm ride this afternoon and the Cowboy is taking me out to dinner–all is good!

Hard On The Pocket Book

We said our goodbyes Monday morning and pointed the rig south.  Six uneventful hours later we were pulling into the yard .  Seattle was hard at work inside the house–he made great progress while we were gone which was heartening to see!

Taking time off was a good idea–we are rested and ready to start work again.  Unfortunately, Seattle was out of joint compound so a trip to Sierra Vista or Tucson was in order for Tuesday.  We chose Sierra Vista and headed out with a list a mile long.  We chose flooring but tonight are waffling over our choice?????  So, I may be going back to Sierra Vista Wednesday!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, snow, outdoor and natureSeems it snowed in Germany!

Well, we waffled and came to a decision–we bought laminate flooring and decided we wanted tile so off to Sierra Vista I went this morning.  When I left at 10am I never dreamed I wouldn’t get home until after 4pm!  I arrived at Home Depot about noon after stopping at Harbor Freight.  Just a few minutes before 2pm I went to the service desk and requested a manager consultation! 😦   The two young people helping me were trying their best.  They could only load so much onto a forklift then take it to my truck so as to load the truck in the right order.  When they would get back to the department with the forklift for another load, other customers would waylay the two employees or the phone would ring.  I complained to the manager not about these two employees but about the fact those two young people needed some help and help we got!  Once help arrived things moved along much faster!

I left Home Depot stopping only for fuel before heading out of town on Charleston Road which goes to Tombstone–then on to Pearce–I didn’t get far.  Flashing lights, a coroner’s vehicle and a deputy rerouting traffic off Charleston Road.  We were forced to go all the way over to HWY 90, then south.  It was the long way around for me–not sure what happened but it wasn’t good, I am sure! 😦

On the way to Sierra Vista this morning I noticed this fire on the mountainside–also not good!

At home the Cowboy used our trusty backhoe to unload the two pallets of tile–about 3000 pounds–have I said before I sure am glad we have that backhoe!  

And that’s not the end of the flooring saga–it was too much weight/bulk to get all the needed supplies onto our truck–so the Cowboy is going back to Sierra Vista Thursday–I am going to paint!

Greetings From North Ranch

We are so enjoying our North Ranch stay!  And we are still eating!  Saturday night we again gathered with the ATV gang for potluck–Larry and I prepared the remainder of the prime rib and Geri had a spiral cut ham.  Kathy and Sandy brought side dishes; we finished off the Thanksgiving pies.  Around the campfire I haven’t laughed so long and hard in forever! 🙂

We’ve spent long days just visiting–not working, just relaxing.  We take walks, visit other folks and are unwinding!  A perfect Thanksgiving holiday weekend–we couldn’t ask for more!

Larry and Geri’s campground is a little crowded at times! 🙂 

We stopped in to see what Gemma and Bill had done to our former home–they’ve made some minor changes but have some big projects in the works for the future.  We loved the Christmas lights Bill was able to string onto one of the large pine trees in the front yard–he has a REALLY tall stepladder!!!  Gemma sent me this photo–

Monday we will make tracks back to our little paradise–and start to work again–more slowly this time–we are under no deadlines now.