Motorhome For Sale

Our good friends Jim and Ellie are hanging up the keys to their beautiful Tiffin Phaeton motorhome.  As many of you know they now own a home in North Ranch and have decided to sell their 2008, 40 foot, 4 slide motorhome.  Jim and Ellie have added so many upgrades to this coach–it is solar equipped, has nearly new AGM batteries, a residential refrigerator, 2800 watt pure sine wave inverter, new tires in 2016, and much, much more.  Oh, and it only has 57,000 miles on it’s Cummins 360 engine.  If you might be interested in this motorhome, contact me and I will give you Jim and Ellie’s contact information plus I can send you more photos.

Our little living in Germany diva–learning to cook.  She looks so tall in these photos!!! She now goes to German preschool which I think is such a good idea.  Laci said the teachers speak enough English to communicate with Lora but the classes conducted in German.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, child, food and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, sitting, eating, drink, table and indoor

The Cowboy’s cousin Pat arrived yesterday afternoon for a little visit–the guys have been busy all day.  Pat visited the local barber, rode with the Cowboy to the dump and late this afternoon we visited Whitewater Draw again.

Wasn’t that moon and the eclipse gorgeous.  The Cowboy took some early morning photos of the eclipse–

And I took this one as the moon rose last night.

Isn’t this the most beautiful bird–a vermilion flycatcher–first time we’ve ever seen one of these. 


Sense Of Accomplishment

The tile floors are laid and grouted–we finished about noon today and it gave us both a cool sense of accomplishment! We took the rest of the day off traveling to Benson for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants–Mi Casa. I like Mexican food but am often overwhelmed or under-whelmed by the presentation of the food–it frequently all runs together and you can’t tell where the enchiladas end and the rice begins.  Not at Mi Casa–tasty, incredibly tasty food and beautiful presentation.  Notice my tortilla hummingbirds–each dish comes with these tortilla cut-outs of animals which have been fried and dipped in cinnamon/sugar.

Emmi has an outside water bowl and this morning I noticed a visitor–a cactus wren hanging on for dear life–

As you read about a week ago, we’ve planted some trees.  Curses on the stupid jackrabbit (that’s who we are blaming) who came along one night and nipped off the top of every single pine tree.  He/she also tried to destroy one of the Privet trees.  The nursery told us to place chicken wire around the trees to keep the rabbits from eating the bark from the tree trunks–he didn’t say anything about the jackrabbit tall enough to reach over the chicken wire!  Monday we started work on the watering system which will be needed to make these little trees grow the predicted four feet per year.

Trenches ready for pipe.

Notice the dirt between the two trenches???  The Cowboy dug the trenches with the backhoe–today he said to me, “that’s your part of the trenches to dig.”  HUH???  The main water line from the well to the house is under that patch of dirt and he didn’t want to risk catching those lines with the backhoe.  So how come he gets the machine and I get the shovel???–it always happens that way! 🙂

The moon isn’t full until Wednesday night but tonight it was still amazing to see as Emmi and I took our evening walk.



Hooker Hot Springs

The Cowboy decided he needed a few more recovery days.  Saturday we took another sightseeing road trip and today we went to church and spent the afternoon just relaxing/puttering.  I cleaned up the office area and started a bit of tax preparation.  The Cowboy changed the oil in the backhoe.

Saturday’s drive took us northwest of Willcox to the Jackson Cabin Trail and Hooker Hot Springs–the Cowboy suggested I use that as the blog title–and see how many comments we receive! 🙂 The first part of the road is exactly that–a gravel road.  The next 14 miles are better suited to a jeep or ATV–we made it six miles of the 14 miles in the truck and decided to come back at a later time with the CanAm.  Stunning scenery–and even a couple saguaros–not common in this higher elevation country.

The hot springs were named after Colonel Hooker who purchased the Muleshoe Ranch property at auction in 1885.  The ranch has seen its share of violence.  The original owner, Dr. King, was killed in a gunfight with neighbors over ownership of a disputed piece of ground bordering the original ranch.  The Apaches conducted numerous raids.  A ranch foreman was killed in a saloon gunfight in 1911–it was a touch dangerous to live in that canyon. The Nature Conservancy now owns the Muleshoe Ranch, its buildings and the hot springs.  Only guests staying in the Nature Conservancy owned casitas may use the hot springs.

 Ruins from what was once the Browning Ranch

And another bed for Larry! 🙂

And a windmill for Mike McFall.

And there is even running water in this canyon–it was a very enjoyable day and we treated ourselves to Dairy Queen on our way back through Willcox.

It was strange to drive around the bend and see those huge windmills twirling in the wind and not far from the windmills is a massive solar installation–literally out in the middle of nowhere!



Whitewater Draw Visit

It was one of those days–the Cowboy has been under the weather yet he decided to tackle a project near and dear to his wife’s heart.  That project took most of the day plus he also fixed some electrical wiring issues with our outside front door lights.

For some strange reason there was no over the bathroom vanity light fixture in this house–only can lights in the ceiling.  When standing at the sink to apply makeup my face was in shadow as all the lights were behind my head in the ceiling.  Installation of this light hasn’t been a priority for the Cowboy but he also knew how much I wanted that light–so today was the day.

At the end of the day he was worn to a frazzle and I suggested a trip to Whitewater Draw–it’s less than an hour’s drive and this is the time of year when so many of the sandhill cranes roost for the night in the marshy waters.

 We took the loop walk and sat on one of the benches for a while–watching and listening.  When the sun went down and the temperature dropped we headed for home–a nice diversion!

And here’s a photo of our youngest granddaughter–Kristen–doing what she loves best!

A Better Trip Back To Tucson

United Airlines made a better showing today arriving in Tucson 20 minutes early this afternoon.  I also received an email from their customer care department offering me either bonus miles or a $50 voucher as an apology for their ineptness Saturday night.

Monday was a big day–my sister Ann’s birthday and her granddaughter Elizabeth’s homecoming appearance.  Mom and I took Ann to lunch to celebrate that big “zero” birthday.  In the early evening we all piled into the car heading for the school gym.  In 1993 Elizabeth’s mother Niki was a homecoming maid and wore a beautiful teal beaded sheath dress–she looked like a million bucks in the dress.  Fast forward just a few years and amazingly the dress was still in fabulous condition and fit Elizabeth like a glove.  Niki said–“#1 I can’t believe the dress is still in such good shape and #2, I can’t believe Elizabeth wanted to wear it!”

Niki in 1993 on the left, Elizabeth and her escort Hunter on the right.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

 Isn’t she just gorgeous!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingElizabeth and her sister Leah.  It was such a fun night–I’m seldom home in Arkansas for these occasions so it was especially fun!

Tuesday morning we enjoyed a family breakfast at Danny and Ann’s–my brother Ross even stopped in before heading home to bed after working the night shift at his job.  After breakfast Ann, Niki and I traveled to Little Rock for a day of shopping and lunch.  Mom joined us for supper at Danny and Ann’s.  We all said our goodbyes in the evening and Wednesday morning Ann dropped me at the airport before she headed to work.  I love seeing my family and it’s always good to get home to the Cowboy and Emmi.  She was one excited little dog this afternoon!

The Cowboy has been busy while I was gone–all the tile is laid, just a few more trim pieces and a bit more grouting and we will have completed floors.  He also trimmed several of the doors–yep, he was busy!

A Long, Long Day

This was my first indication that it might be a looooong day of travel–notice the gate sign–flight from Tucson to Houston was delayed by 1 1/2 hours. Of course I missed my connection from Houston to Little Rock. I was OK with this delay–it was due to weather–I wasn’t happy with the next delay. I settled in for my three hour wait for the next flight to Little Rock at 8pm. At about 7pm my phone dinged with a message from United–my 8pm flight was cancelled–no crew. So, United, you are telling this plane full of tired people you didn’t know until one hour before this flight was due to depart there was no crew?? Next flight would depart at 12:30am!! Arrival in Little Rock at 2am–oh joy!! My poor sister and brother-in-law were retrieving me at the airport. We hit the beds at 3am–thanks United–I will see if I can avoid travel on your airline!

Danny and Ann made it to church this morning–Danny is the minister so he was kind of essential🙂! After church the gang gathered at Danny and Ann’s–their daughter Niki had made birthday lunch for her mom–the reason for my visit. Ann is celebrating a big birthday–one of those zero birthdays!!

We’ve spent the day eating and visiting. We found a house for our Outer Banks trip and initiated the reservation with VRBO. It’s always such a joy for me to be here with my family–my sister and Danny have a beautiful, comfortable home which is always welcoming. My great niece Elizabeth is a homecoming maid Monday evening–more cause for celebration!

Looking for Outer Banks rentals. Their internet connection is awful through AT&T Cellular–makes me very grateful for our DSL Internet at both homes.

Mike and Emmi are holding down the fort in Arizona. I will head home on Wednesday, hopefully with better travel luck.

Montana Visitors

Wednesday we took a day off and traveled to Douglas, AZ and the Parkland Tree Farm & Nursery.  We purchased eleven small trees and two shrubs.  The day off ended at home when it was time to get those trees in the ground.  The Eldarica pines are about eighteen inches tall and the Japanese Privet trees are about two feet tall.  The pines are predicted to grow four feet per year!  We also planted two good size Pink Lady apple trees–sure hope all the trees survive.

We enjoyed a great lunch in Douglas and made a Walmart stop.  Thursday we had visitors from Montana–our friends Jill and Terry plus Jill’s sister Mary who has rented a park model in a Tucson park for a couple months. I had a hunk of prime rib in the freezer and decided to cook it using the method which was all over Facebook during the holidays.  Jill used the recipe for her Christmas prime rib and it worked well.  The recipe has a butter and herb rub then the oven is heated to 500 degrees.  The meat should be cooked for five minutes per pound–yep, five minutes per pound.  I cooked my three pound prime rib roast for fifteen minutes at 500 degrees.  The meat remains in the oven but you then turn off the oven and leave the door closed–no peeking–for two hours.  The prime rib was absolutely perfect!!  Here is the full recipe.

It was great to see our friends and we spent a fun afternoon visiting with a short Sunsites/Pearce tour thrown in.

I tried a new hairdresser today and so far so good–time will tell.

And I identified another bird today using the Merlin app–a ladderback woodpecker–And now for some grand baby photos–they continue to grow like weeds!

Image may contain: 1 person, sittingBrooks

Image may contain: 1 person, babyMillee

Image may contain: 1 personand our diva–I think Lora is saying, “Mom, I’m busy, stop taking my photo!!!”

Arizona as well as the rest of the country has been experiencing some chilly temps–this was a couple days ago but it was also 28 degrees this morning.  Not as bad as in Arkansas where my family lives, they had 3 degrees one morning this week!!

Anti Frantic

Did you know there is a verse in the Bible– 1 Thessalonians 4:11–which states:

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life……..

Back before Christmas while reading a post by the Modern Mrs. Darcy  I noticed she was recommending a book of 365 devotions–Savor by Shauna Niequist.  I found the book on Amazon, read a few of the pages through Amazon’s “look inside” feature and hit the “buy” button.  While sometimes I don’t feel as if the devotion of the day has anything to do with me, other times the author hits the nail on the head.  The Bible version I have reads the verse as:

Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands just as                we instructed you before.

I liked this devotion today–it seemed to fit.  The devotion book author titled today’s devotion, Anti-Frantic–as in the complete opposite of frantic.  Slow down, take time to enjoy and be present in every single moment.

Tile work is progressing–The tile under the huge refrigerator is set and grouted–no need to move that monster again!  Notice the blue masking tape–that is the Cowboy’s warning–don’t step on those particular tiles–they are newly cemented and must dry for 24 hours.  When Jane and Paul were here all the tiles in the center of the kitchen on one side had blue tape–it made for some convoluted walking paths while trying to make dinner!

Tuesday our friends Ralph and Angie came over from Tombstone bearing steaks–we always welcome guests bringing steaks! 🙂 We hadn’t seen them since last March and spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing catch up.  Emmi even decided Angie’s lap was a good place to be–

The guy next to the Cowboy is Brian, our friend and well driller–he stopped by to return a borrowed router.  Ralph is sitting out of the photo.

Poor Emmi received a bath and haircut yesterday–and of course the weather turned cooler–she isn’t very happy with me and needed a coat for our early morning walk.

This afternoon while walking Emmi I saw a cool bird in flight who landed close enough to photograph–

I used that cool app our blog reader Kim recommended–Merlin Bird ID–to find out he/she was a loggerhead shrike. Cool app–you can even listen to the sound the bird makes.

And one last photo–morning light on the Dragoons.



Friends Visit

When the light fixtures go up you get that “we are almost finished” feeling!  The Cowboy still has more tile to lay but we are both feeling as if we’re on the home stretch!  Friday the Cowboy was hard at work with the tile saw, cement, and all the other tools it takes to lay tile–he was back at it again on Saturday.

My job the last couple days has been our usual mundane chores plus little odds and ends–outlet covers, gopher, etc.  Plus I keep us fed–and fed well if I do say so myself! 🙂

Saturday afternoon the Cowboy hung light fixtures and our living room took on a new look–all good!  We had visitors coming–Jane and her friend Paul from Wyoming via California–we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and evening.  Jane and Paul spent the night with us and after breakfast we gave them the twenty five cent tour before they departed heading toward Wyoming.

Jane has two pooches–both rescue dogs and both adorable! Emmi doesn’t like to play with other dogs with the exception of Lacey–The two dogs were in a standoff–Emmi wasn’t letting Lacey come in but little did Emmi know, reinforcements were coming from behind!

After Jane and Paul left the Cowboy fixed the vacuum cleaners and then we’ve spent the rest of the day being bums.  When we signed up for phone/DSL internet with the local phone company they were having a special–an Amazon Firestick–free.  As the living room has taken shape we brought over one of the TVs, installed the Firestick and now we are moving right along–we are streaming TV!  It’s awesome–TV with no commercials–are we behind the times or what??? 🙂  The Firestick makes it so, so easy and that little device was simple to install.

Life is good, very good!












Wild Weather

Tuesday night the wind howled and it rained–nothing measurable but it settled the dust.  Wednesday morning the remaining clouds and wind made for fabulous photos.  It was a chilly day and neither of us was out long without a jacket!

The Cowboy has started laying cement board and tile in the kitchen area.  When we purchased the appliances for this house, we didn’t install the dishwasher as the one in place worked well for the time being.  But the tile can’t be installed until the old dishwasher comes out and the newer (read matching) goes in.  While my resident plumber was under the sink once again–

he decided to see if a new faucet would help the low water pressure problem in that sink.  It worked John!–we now have great water pressure!

I’m painting doors and washing windows–exciting, right!  Not a very exciting blog but it’s what is happening around here.