Many years ago a southern belle met a cowboy and our life together has been a wild ride!  Classic retirement–playing golf, hiking, painting, volunteering or doing nothing doesn’t appeal to the Cowboy.  He needs to be busy and has said many times he is happiest when a building project is in the works.  The Cowboy started building things at a young age and has built three houses of his own in his adult life–the second one was partially finished when we married and the third is our current home in Montana. We purchased a home in an Arizona retirement/RV community with some serious cosmetic issues–we’ve fixed those issues and have now sold that home.  We were very pleasantly surprised with our return on investment!

Now we are off on another adventure–and adventure it will be.  We’ve purchased a real, major, mind boggling fixer-upper in a small community in southern Arizona.  The home and guest house sit on three acres with views for miles and miles.  The wind blows, the tumbleweeds tumble; there are no trains or highways nearby and the night skies make us happy.  Along with our little pooch Emmi we are off on another adventure–travel along with us!