Where Do The Days Go

When working Wednesdays were always named “hump day”–the week was on the downhill slide–thank goodness! At this time in our lives the weeks just seem to fly by–On Monday’s I usually change the sheets and do loads of laundry. I get the sheets on the bed and it seems as if the next day is Monday all over again.

The Cowboy has been on a roll! Not only is the kitchen finished, he has finished laying tile in the porch area. For the time being we are leaving the laundry room remodel for another time. The Cowboy has a project he wants to complete for himself–the garage was built quickly and lighting was not part of quickly. Now is the time.

Friday we took an ATV ride with Dan and Louanne up into the Dragoon Mountains–a short but fun ride on a beautiful Arizona day. We enjoyed our picnic lunch in the sunshine up on Soren Pass. The condition of the road was a concern after the summer monsoon rains but someone had used a dozer and while rough at least the road was passable and not dangerous in the least.  We saw one other person on the trail, riding a dirt bike. Late afternoon we joined Dan and Louanne for happy hour on their screened porch–still pleasantly warm at 5:30pm!

Saturday was a busy day–we were in the Sunsites Christmas parade riding in the decorated ATV. Even Emmi girl was decorated!


Notice the Santa hat on the Cowboy’s hat!

After the parade we all gathered in Linda’s backyard for a hotdog roast, homemade chili and assorted other amazing food. Once again it was a weather perfect day–sunny skies, about 70 degrees, no wind–absolutely perfect!

Sunday the Cowboy finished the porch tile and some of the baseboard tile in the kitchen. I painted–I’m so tired of the mess of painting! I have doors to paint and we have the laundry room to re-do. We will get it all done, eventually!

Dan is a great cook and like most great cooks loves sharp knives–so do I! Dan has an amazing knife sharpening device and he brought it out to our house today and sharpened my knives. Wow! What a difference!

Monday the Cowboy grouted two thirds of the porch floor and I did the normal, routine chores of life. I made another batch of Chex Mix and another four dozen cookies. With the way shipping seems to be slower this year I’m in a hurry to get my Christmas goodies in the mail!

Tuesday we traveled to Sierra Vista. One mission–to return the dang seeded grapes Walmart put in my last pickup order! I ordered and paid for grapes without seeds–who eats seeded grapes??? We also had to return some “over the calf” socks to Tractor Supply–the socks were crew socks in spite of the label reading “over the calf.” Don’t these people know how far we have to travel to get stuff???

A haircut, Walmart pickup order, lunch at 143 Street Tacos which was good–a change from our routine of dining at Culvers. Last stop was at Safeway to pick up on sale chuck roasts.

This time of year the UPS drivers are making daily stops at our house–the drivers like the cookies I give them in exchange for packages!! They’ve had a bit of trouble finding our house this year–it’s not been a problem in the past–and every time we sell something people tell us, “my GPS brought me right here.” Maybe the UPS drivers need new GPS units for Christmas??

Wednesday I helped the Cowboy grout–ugh–made me feel like an old woman! But it’s finished now. We still have some touch up grouting and of course the laundry room to do but the majority of that crawling around on our hands and knees is done!

The Emmi girl is all clean and fluffy after her bath this morning–that is until she wandered into the backyard where the Cowboy had piled loose dirt against the new concrete patio.

I shipped my Christmas packages today resorting to actually going to the post office. The stupid USPS website let me input all five of my addresses, weights, etc. then locked up when I tried to pay. Twice the website did this to me giving me a “we have encountered a problem” message. At the post office I was the only person in line–made my mood better after the website fiasco!

The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen–granola, Chex Mix, Chex Christmas Mix, turtles, and cheesy crackers from Gay’s kitchen-YUM. I’m not hungry for dinner at all–too much sampling! The Chex Christmas Mix from WhatGaby’sCooking.com is so good–I’ve never made it before.

Life is very good!



18 thoughts on “Where Do The Days Go

  1. Makes me laugh. I do bedding on Mondays too. And my weeks are getting away from me. Your blog from last week, along with Nina, Laurel, and Sherry’s are waiting in my inbox for a proper response. Oops! At least you are doing something. We have been shrouded in cold wet fog for weeks now and I’m not doing anything outside. Ugh. Love your blog so don’t think I’m not reading. Not a fan of summer heat but December fog really gets me down.


  2. It’s a busy time of year isn’t it! I miss getting out in the mountains. We haven’t taken time to do that since we arrived. Soon I hope!


    1. It’s a really busy time of year–I often wonder how I worked full time plus and still managed to bake, have parties, go to church, shop for presents and then wrap them. We don’t give “presents” any longer preferring instead to send goodies, cute socks, money, etc.


  3. Emmi is darling with her antlers! Weve been busy also, the days are only 10 hours long! Glad you took a day off to play! I learned how to crochet, and made a baby doll blanket, so I can teach Reese for Christmas!


  4. The days are flying by for us, also. Garmin, Google, and Apple maps know exactly where we live, but FedEx doesn’t. We hate to order anything and come to find that it’s being delivered by Fedex.


    1. In Montana we cringe when we see an order is being delivered by Fedex!! They can’t seem to find us, we get a “package delivered” message and Mike goes down to the neighbors (our former home) and there is the package on their front porch. I’ve called Fedex and complained but obviously it does nothing.


  5. We love Street Tacos too! They put enough meat on their tacos for me to make another meal for the next day 🙂 Sounds like you two are still going strong with lots of good friends and plenty of projects around the property. We’re still waiting for the fireplace to get done so I can put up a tree 😦 Changing my grocery pickup to Target hasn’t been perfect, but I’m much happier than I was with the recent Walmart shortages and weird substitutions!


    1. We do seem to stay busy, don’t we. My Walmart pickup order was “delayed” on Tuesday but ready about 30 minutes from when they sent the delayed message–it had every single thing I ordered, not one out of stock or substitution–a first in many Walmart pickups!


  6. Boy y’all are busy all the time!! I do sheets on Monday also. Ha Looks like y’all have had some exciting adventures. So glad!! We have been busy with getting outside Christmas decorations up. Will send some pictures. Our family has 4 birthdays: one in November and 3 in December, which makes it Crazy busy. Lily’s dance recital is tonight and tomorrow. Tis the season to be busy. Merry Christmas 🎄
    Ed and Barbara.


  7. How neat that you rode in the parade! Love Michael’s Santa hat! Can’t give up the cowboy hat. Emmi looks so cute in her reindeer antlers. Lots of baking going on over there! I’m not a sweets person so I’ll stick to good old fashion Chex Mix with extra Worchestershire. I bought the ingredients the other day. Just waiting for Kevin’s visiting dates. Glad the main house is coming closer to completion.


  8. Emmi in her antlers is adorable!! You sound busy and happy and immersed in holiday cheer. Your blog always motivates me to get busy, LOL!!! My list is always so long and it seems to take me forever to get stuff done. Focus, I need to focus!


    1. My list is a mile long Laurel and something gets added every day. We have chosen to do as Gay said above, “projects will get done on our schedule,” now that the houses are 99% finished.


  9. Yikes…time is flying as I missed your post and just found it! The days, weeks and months just seem to blend together! We have decided projects will get done on our schedule these days and not “it’s got to be done now” schedule. We are comfortable, cozy and warm and that’s really all that matters in the long run. Of course staying busy keeps us young! I’m glad you liked the cheese crisps…our batch is almost gone! Gay


    1. That’s us too Gay–our lists are long but we have decided to take it easier and not go so hard at it all the time now that the houses are 99% complete. I can remember looking around and saying to myself and out loud at times when I was discouraged, “we will NEVER get this house finished,” and look at us now–five years later–but almost finished!


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