Away She Goes

Took Mom to the Bozeman airport today and found American Airlines to be very accommodating. The gate agent didn’t like Mom’s seat assignment in the back of the plane so she changed that and was very happy to give me a pass so I could accompany her to the gate. American Airlines has been in the negative news lately with all their cancellations so we were glad Mom’s trip went well with no issues. She landed in Little Rock right on time.

After the plane boarded I did a Costco and Walmart run. Haven’t had to shop for my own groceries in a long time!–I couldn’t get a pickup time at the Bozeman Walmart for today. We will ever get back to having fully stocked grocery shelves? Walmart had no Cetaphil soap, no cilantro, so sparkling mineral water of any brand, etc. Many of their shelves were almost empty. So, I had to make another stop at Albertson’s in Livingston. 

Physical therapy in Livingston and I could finally head for home where a little dog and a husband were waiting.

On Monday, Mom and I drove to Ennis–a three hour drive one way. In about 1998 Mom and Dad came to Montana so Mom could work on a guest ranch for the summer–as their cook. They had such a good time and came back several summers before Dad became too ill. The people who owned the ranch have both a son and a daughter. The daughter lives with her husband and their twins on the ranch but the ranch is no longer a guest ranch operation. They were so glad to see Mom as she was them. And what beautiful children–a boy and a girl, twins–so well behaved and personable. We had a great visit on the front porch of their home.

The guest ranch buildings–a beautiful setting!
A community school established in 1909–the last child went to school in this building in 1942.
On the way to the ranch.

Tuesday was spent getting Mom ready to depart, cooking and knitting. It’s once again hot in Montana and our mini split air conditioning/heating units are to be delivered by June 30th–let’s hope so!


6 thoughts on “Away She Goes

  1. Sounds like you had a great visit with Mom. And what a wonderful way to wander down memory lane. Glad her flight had no issues. We haven’t been inside the Walmart here in Helena but they were out of two of our pack up order items.


  2. So glad that American Airlines was so accommodating. That’s great that you could take her to the gate. Probably helps that most airports are stuggling to get people to help with wheelchairs. Kevin had to take a gentleman onto the plane the other day because there wasn’t enough help. Sounds like you and mom had another great time together.


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