Happy Father’s Day

We enjoyed another fabulous dinner tonight with Lonn and his gang of Katie, Mike, Brooks and Millie. It was cool enough today to roast the brisket in the oven creating mouth watering smells for hours! A very good time with family.

Mom and I have been knitting–we are both thrilled with her progress–she only learned to knit while in Arizona with us last winter but has turned out some beautiful creations. No photos as the project she just finished is a gift. This is her next project and she has been practicing with some scrap yarns of mine–

Thursday Mom and I met my friends Jeane and Jill at the newest establishment in our area for lunch. It’s a grist mill, Greycliff Mill, which serves light lunches and has a cute little gift shop. The setting is beautiful and the folks who built the mill have done a great job!

The Cowboy has finished irrigating–whew, is he ever glad. Not sure it’s going to do much good, those high temperatures so early in June were not good for anyone’s hay crop.

Our two Dad’s–mine has been gone since 2002, the Cowboy’s since 2018

Janna’s Dad–a photo taken while he and Mom were working on a dude ranch outside of Ennis, Montana
And one of my favorite photos–the Cowboy and his Dad, Nat.

Hope all you fathers out there enjoyed your day! It rained–only a quarter of an inch but it rained and was very cool today–lovely weather my book!

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Nice photos of special dads and a sweet tribute. I do remember Nat from the earlier days of you blog. That piece of knitting is spectacular. I haven’t done anything that intricate in all the years I have been knitting. Amazing Mom.


  2. I think I need to have you teach me to knit this winter! I have my grandmother’s wooden needles which I’ve made a couple scarves on, but would love to learn how to do more 🙂 Can’t believe Nate’s been gone that long. Hope your heat calms down soon, especially after all the hard work irrigating 😦


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