Look Who Came To Visit

Thursday and Friday were stressful days! The 1997 Ford diesel truck came home from the repair shop on Wednesday and on Friday morning it was driven away, far, far away from Montana! A guy from Missouri flew a driver/courier person to Montana–was to have arrived on Thursday, but due to the airline’s lack of crews the guy didn’t arrive until really late Thursday night, almost Friday morning, a million text message later. We were out the door before 6am on Friday heading to the Bozeman airport with the truck. And off it went to greener pastures. 

It stormed and rained just a smidgen Thursday night and Friday morning was damp and chilly. As we were heading out I snapped this photo with my cell phone–

A foggy morning on the Main Boulder

Friday I prepped and cooked–and our visitors arrived about 4:30pm–Louanne and Dan came to see us!! They received the grand tour of the house, we enjoyed some adult beverages and sat down to a dinner of carne asada tacos. I had baked two pies so we also didn’t go without dessert! 

Saturday morning we were busy getting things ready for our picnic in town–it was the annual Sweet Grass Fest. We met up with Sarge and Sarah, strolled through the car show and vendors but didn’t advance very rapidly, we saw so many friends–stopping to talk to each one. The crowds were large, much larger than last year during covid. Lots of vendors of stuff and food. Just after noon we retreated to the shady park, claimed a picnic table and enjoyed the good food we had prepared. The park is a great place to watch the rodeo parade–lots of shade and green grass. 

Back home after that busy day in town we all collapsed–some napping, others reading. Good friends are those who feel comfortable enough in your presence to do their own thing–and that’s what we did! We all came back to life late afternoon, enjoying happy hour snacks for dinner then more of those delicious pies. 

When we came home from town Louanne and I noticed a little bird stuck to the kitchen window screen. When I went outside he didn’t move as I got close and thinking he might be stuck in the screen, I gently pulled him away from the screen, making him squawk and placed him on my other arm to see what he would do. Nothing–he was quite comfortable!

I told the little guy I had work to do and placed him in our spruce tree–he was gone the next time I looked so he must have flown away.

Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely morning, I baked sausage muffins and we had another delicious meal.

After breakfast and showers we took off in the truck on yet another tour plus we enjoyed one more picnic.

Back home everyone went their own way–I started loading the RV as we have an upcoming trip. We all gathered outside for happy hour then another absolutely fabulous dinner–pork tenderloins, grilled pineapple, roasted potatoes and salad–so good!! 

Life is good!

12 thoughts on “Look Who Came To Visit

  1. I must have missed a post somewhere. Thought you were without an rv at present.
    Care to share the sausage muffin recipe? They look wonderful.



  2. What a fun visit with good and comfortable friends! 🙂 We love picnics, too. We’ve been enjoying dinner picnics at the beach and a long walk afterward. I like your idea of grilling pineapple to go with pork tenderloin!


  3. I so wish I still enjoyed cooking. I’m just so done. All of your efforts sound amazing! Love that phone pic of the fog, really beautiful. Fun friends and town event, life returning to normal 🙂


    1. Well–sometimes I’m done with cooking too Jodee! Covid put a dent in my cooking desire and when I go to a restaurant and pay good money to eat poorly cooked food, I get cranky. So, I cook! I too love that photo of the mountains and fog!


  4. Sounds like a perfect visit with friends. Glad you had good picnic weather. Nothing like a small town event and parade. The best! Sure didn’t take long to move that truck.


  5. So much fun to have Dan and Louanne visit. Sounds like you made it wonderful as you always do for company and friends. Glad we got to meet Dan, and maybe someday we will get to AZ when Louanne is there as well. Little bird was adorable! Parade looked like fun too. And cool and misty on June 27th?? Lucky you!! Pretty sure some blogging friends just hit a cool section of Montana today and they are breathing a sigh of relief. merikay and craig.


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