The Days Just Blend

After our marathon trips to Billings the first part of the week, we’ve been sticking close to home and checking chores off the list. The days just blend together. We both have this conversation often–“what day is it?”  “I have no idea!”

On Thursday I did go into Big Timber to meet friends Jeane and Jill for coffee at our fabulous new little shop, Thistle Creek. The building has an outdoor courtyard which fronts the street–a unique spot in downtown Big Timber for enjoying some of the best coffee–not sure what we will do when the weather turns nasty! I borrowed the photo from the Thistle Creek Facebook page.

I like making a simple occasion special–coffee with girlfriends–we’ve not seen much of each other this summer so I wanted it to be really special. That morning I made lemon poppy seed scones, found a tablecloth, some cloth napkins and pretty plates I adore that were a gift to me on my 50th birthday and was off to town. It was a special time spent with two very good friends of almost 26 years.

I said we stuck close to home didn’t I–well on Friday we ventured just a little farther than home traveling to Livingston, getting takeout from Big Sky Thai and meeting Sarge and Sarah in the park for a little picnic–and I took another tablecloth. I might have gotten that tablecloth idea from my Mom–even if we were on a road trip such as to Chicago to see family Mom packed a tablecloth–Dad was a touch picky about cleanliness. And I remember those tablecloths–they made those roadside picnics seem special.

On our way home from Livingston we stopped at the Big Timber Farmers Market which continues to grow. The season is winding down with only one more market left. I grabbed tomatoes and left–it was fairly crowded. Our little community has acquired a few more cases of Covid causing one of the busiest local, popular restaurants to stop serving food for the time being. Someone, a local person, had been tested for possible Covid exposure. Were they tested before they ventured out to one of our community’s iconic restaurants/bars on not one but two nights. Did they know they might have been exposed. I so hope “no” is the answer to both those questions. This restaurant in their busiest season has now lost revenue and probably had to lay off employees who now have lost their salaries.

Our weather was awesome today–chilly and overcast to start and ending with cool temps and sunshine. Fall is just around the corner I’m thinking.


10 thoughts on “The Days Just Blend

    1. What keeps happening to your longer comments??? I met Jeane and Jill when I moved to this community to marry the Cowboy–we were married in Jill and her husband Terry’s house.


  1. I know what you mean having the days blend together, only I have to ask the dogs what day it is. You are missing all the rain this week in SE Arizona.


  2. I used to carry a twin fitted sheet for roadside picnic tables. Not as pretty, but practical for a cleaner picnic 🙂 I wish Tombstone had a little coffee spot. We pick up a cup at the drive through kiosk in Sierra Vista which is very good, but not the same somehow. Our temps feel more like Fall today as well – I love it!


    1. What a cool idea for a tablecloth! Yes, it is fun to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends–the drive through is OK in a pinch but not the same. Glad you are having some cooler weather!


  3. The days do blend together…can’t believe tomorrow is September! Cloth napkins and tablecloths were always apart of my growing up…such a special touch! Gay


    1. September 1 and I became eligible for Medicare today!!! I recently started using cloth napkins for everyday meals–much less waste! They are napkins I’ve had for years and I don’t iron them!


  4. Oh, I love that you took a tablecloth and cloth napkins and homemade scones to meet up with your friends! Making the effort to make occasions “special” makes for such sweet memories. We always use cloth napkins (and because they are made from batik cloth, they don’t need ironing. I hate to iron.). And I have a special picnic blanket for our many picnics. Every day is special if we make it so, right? 🙂


    1. Every day is special Laurel–I bring out the good china and good silver often. I’ve read that it’s stuff your children aren’t going to want so why not use it! I don’t iron napkins either–try to grab them warm out of the dryer and smooth them.

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