Fall Is Here Maybe

We’ve had some chilly morning and a couple chilly days. Warming back up through Saturday then the weather will really turn chilly with perhaps even a freeze. Incredibly windy yesterday and today. As a result of the wind and carelessness there are some major new fires. In Arkansas people are trading in their cars for boats it’s raining so much!😁😁When we walk each morning and evening the skies and grasses are golden–fall is just around the corner and I’m ready!

Nothing much is happening in our world right now. We are still working on the motorhome and still doing the mundane chores. I had to stop baking–it wasn’t good for our waistlines! 😍 We are still eating well, just not much bread or desserts.

This photo was taken during our little coffee picnic at Thistle Creek last Thursday. One of our local photographers, Mery Donald was taking merchandise photos for the store and asked if she could photograph us. She graciously sent me a copy of the shot she took. Mery’s photos have been featured in national magazines–she is talented!

On Monday we did take a drive–a little reconnaissance mission–a 300 mile round trip drive. Larry and Geri are starting their slow trek south from summering in South Dakota where their daughter and family live. They are stopping here and we are going up into the Little Belt mountains for some ATV riding. We drove up into those mountains on Monday looking for camping spots. We found several, empty strangely enough so we should be able to find a spot the week after Labor Day. We may make another side trip over to the Dillon/Darby area of Montana depending on the behavior of the forest fire burning in that area. We love it when Geri calls, “are you guys up for an ATV trip?”

Wednesday I drove to Livingston for groceries and saw so many RVers struggling to hold their rigs on the highway–the wind was blowing that hard. Back in Big Timber I enjoyed a fabulous pedicure with both of us wearing masks–thanks Margie!!! The husband and the dog were very glad to see me when I arrived.

I belong to several knitting groups on Facebook and group members describe their yarn deliveries as “squishy mail.” Well, I received squishy mail a couple days ago–a kit from the yarn store in Billings. It’s a much more complicated pattern than I’ve attempted–for a shawl/scarf. The customer service from that store was amazing. I ordered online, they immediately contacted me saying their online count was off and the kit was out of stock. More kits were expected soon and they kept me informed every step of the way. Totally unlike a major online store I ordered from on August 16, still not here.

Life is good.




16 thoughts on “Fall Is Here Maybe

  1. We too have a heat spike followed by cooler temps but still doesn’t have that “Fall” feel quite yet. I was quite happy to see that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back though :-))) I love your pretty little table – what a treat to get a nice photo of the memory. Your yarn colors are so pretty – be sure to show us the shawl when you’re done!!


    1. If we can just struggle through these three more hot days with wind and crazy people lighting fires we might be home free for fall. We seldom ask someone to take our photos with the phones so it was nice to have an actual photographer that day!


  2. Why are people out on the road with RVs when the wind was howling? We rocked and rolled all day yesterday and my prayer was the jacks would keep us upright. We’re under another red flag warning for Saturday into Sunday when the cold front moves through. Hope they can get these fires under control today. You guys stay safe out in the woods and have a great time.


    1. My question is why were people lighting fires in yesterday’s wind??? And I did too wonder why people were out on the roads in RVs and with under powered trucks pulling those RVs. The semi drivers were having a heck of a time too.


  3. Totally agree…the yarn is gorgeous. A shawl is so beyond my abilities! I’m trying to figure out how to make a baby blanket. We are expecting a granddaughter in October. At my rate she will be about 4 years old when I finish!

    I’m sitting here in a sweater as I write. Love the cooler mornings and nights…still hovering in the 90s though mid afternoon.

    Great photo of you all at the coffee picnic. Gay


    1. It may be beyond my abilities too Gay! Congratulations about the grandchild–that’s awesome. I’ve ordered yarn to knit a baby blanket too for a friend’s first grandchild–also a girl. We too are hovering in the 90’s but come Sunday we might just be into fall!


  4. What a nice little set up for your girlfriend get together. Setting the table was such a cute idea. Hope all goes well with your ATV trip after all the holiday people head home. We cooled off two mornings, as well. It was 73 yesterday morning!! I actually had to put on a sweatshirt for our 6:00 coffee. Today is was only 77. Not bad. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to 80’s mornings this weekend…ugh! The positive side to the hot mornings is the pool stays warm…always a silver lining!


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