The Heat Might Be Done

Smokey skies make for great sunset photos–

Hey, what happened to our mountains??

The following photos are all taken at sunset.

Trips to Billings can be exhausting and the one on Tuesday was no exception. I think our car could make that drive all by itself–400 miles in two days! Doctor appointments for the Cowboy and hair appointment for me. But what made it really exhausting was knowing we had to go back on Wednesday. It’s almost impossible to get last minute appointments with physicians and certainly not on the same day you all ready are going to be in Billings. The Cowboy was having some concerning issues but after three doctor’s appointments in two days–all is well and we are supremely relieved. The third doctor’s appointment was a fluke–he had a dermatology appointment for September 1 meaning in just a weeks time we would have to make that 200 mile round trip once again.

On the way to Billings this morning I made a phone call asking if his regular dermatologist had any openings today, Wednesday–yea, right, as if that was going to happen. Dr. Williams did have one opening today but it wouldn’t work with the Cowboy’s other appointments. The receptionist said they had a new dermatologist and she could see the Cowboy at a time that worked–so we did it! We think the Cowboy is finished with doctors for the year–we hope!!!

The backyard remodel is finished. I decided against lawn fabric and just spread small gravel as a mulch. It looks amazing–we are so pleased!

It’s raining as I am writing this blog. Our temps over the next few days are in the 70’s and even high 60’s–the heat may be gone!!  Life is good.

14 thoughts on “The Heat Might Be Done

  1. Wahoo! And hold on to your britches…in 5 days our high will be in the 80s! AND, we have a slight chance for some rain too! Yes, life is good! LOVE, LOVE your backyard makeover. You two make an awesome team and get sooooo much done. Gay


    1. Thanks Gay–we are so excited about cooler temps!! We too love our backyard makeover–and I would say after seeing all the work you did on your Georgia home you guys are a good team too!


  2. Just having cooler temps might make all that driving bearable!! The patio looks amazing. What a different beauty you enjoy there from your Arizona adobe. Incredible and unique sunset – love them. Life is good!


  3. Glad to hear Michael’s appointments went well!! Always a huge weight off the shoulders. Your finished patio looks very relaxing. Nice job! Love Michael’s sculpture. It’s so nice to have that special spot to unwind at the end of the day.


    1. We were both very relieved when his appointments were finished. We both enjoy sitting out on the patio in the late afternoon–our deck was always too hot and too sunny for sitting out in the evenings.


  4. Oh, your patio is gorgeous! I love the stonework, and the horseshoe sculpture is so cool! I’m glad to hear that all is well in your corner of the world. 🙂


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