We Take Yet Another Trip

On the way to Lonn’s the other night we came across a huge herd of antelope.

Thursday was a yoga day in town.  The afternoon was occupied loading the camper and making it road worthy.  Yep, we are taking an unexpected trip, taking the R-Pod for it’s maiden voyage.  The Cowboy didn’t want to make any permanent changes just in case we don’t like this little rig.  On the R-Pod Facebook group one of the major issues discussed is the black tank drain–the strap which holds the drain pipe breaks–YIKES.  So, the Cowboy reinforced ours today.  He also placed reinforcement boards under our shower through this teeny-tiny little opening.  RV manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves–such poor quality! And he installed a 12 volt power port so we can keep things charged.

We are heading to the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range with the gang and Geri and Larry are joining us.  They’ve been in Rapid City celebrating the birth of their newest granddaughter.  We will then head up into the Big Horn Mountains for some more ATV riding.

Internet availability may be scanty–we will see–if a blog doesn’t appear that’s the reason.

Katie gave me this little bag Wednesday night–I love it and her thoughtfulness!

Thursday our temps dropped and in the evening it started raining.  Thirty nine degrees on Friday morning and one half an inch of rain–good stuff!  Lonn had snow–on the first day of summer!


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