Wow Days

After some Big Timber errands on Friday we headed to Lovell, Wyoming and the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Our friends Larry and Geri traveled from Rapid City to meet us at the campground–they arrived on Thursday evening. We enjoyed an evening of catch up and Geri prepared a fabulous dinner!

Saturday morning we headed to the staging area for the Pryor Mountains Wild Horse Range where we met up with the Big Timber bunch for a day of riding on the range. It was sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy! We were grateful for the good rain gear we carry! We were a group of 11 rigs, 14 people, and 5 dogs.

By days end we had seen 98 horses and several foals. The Big Timber bunch pointed their wheels toward home and we headed back to the campground, beat but so glad to have spent this day with such a great group of people.

Sunday we decided to drive up into the Bighorn Mountains and search for campsites, leaving the trailers at the campground. Once we reached the summit I said, “OK everybody keep your eyes peeled, I want to see a bear, a moose and elk.” By the time we headed for home Larry said I should have wished for a winning lottery ticket!

Right off the bat we saw an elk then a moose and would you believe it, a total of thirteen moose!! Larry has good eyes and spotted most of the moose.

Definitely a WOW kind of day. We had lunch at Burgess Junction and searched for campgrounds and boondocking spots finding a few acceptable boondocking areas. It’s been a wet spring in Wyoming and many of the boondocking spots are too wet and muddy to safely enter. There are several USFS campgrounds but the sites are so small that even with our tiny R-Pod and truck, we won’t fit. Larry and Geri definitely won’t fit. And there’s Reserve America but I won’t open that can of worms! So we will save the higher elevations of the Bighorns for the warmer days of late July and August. It’s onward this Monday morning.

Those were two very special days spent with fabulous friends!

8 thoughts on “Wow Days

  1. I so love the BigHorn Mountains. Beautiful photos, and all that wildlife! Just Wow, as you said. Also nice to share with good friends. We never camped up there in the high country, but drove the pass and hiked up to the Medicine Wheel. I definitely would love to return to that place, but haven’t a clue where we would camp. Guess I will worry about that when and if we ever get back there.


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