Where Do The Days Go

Anyone know what this evil looking contraption is??

First I want to apologize to our Canadian readers–seems in the last blog when I copied and pasted from a news article the location of the horned dinosaur bones, the writer of that news article had misspelled Ottawa and I didn’t catch it–neither did spell check.  This mistake was bluntly brought to my attention in an email from a reader.  Perhaps he was being tongue in cheek as he misspelled two words in his email to me???? 🙂 🙂

June is more than half over and I would be hard pressed to tell you what we’ve done so far in the month of June.  I do know we’ve made way too many trips to Billings but when you live in the middle of nowhere you have to go somewhere for the dentist, doctor and decent groceries.  I made another trip to Billings on Tuesday for a haircut and to see the optometrist.  I’ve worn contacts in the past; mono-vision and bifocal.  As my up close vision worsened as it seems to do as we age, the contacts didn’t correct my close up vision as well as glasses. I stopped wearing contacts except when we ATV and I wear goggles.  I can see in the distance but have to really focus on things such as the GPS.  I was hoping the optometrist who I had seen in the past could help with the contact lens issues better than the optometrists I had seen at Costco but it was not to be.  He said the contact lens companies had spent billions in trying to develop a lens for people who are both farsighted and nearsighted without success.  The field of vision is too large for something as small as a contact lens to fix.

Monday I spent a couple hours on the phone with homeowners insurance companies.  We’ve used the same local company for our home/ranch/auto insurance needs the entire time we’ve been married and the Cowboy used them before we married.  About two years ago our insurance agent retired–how dare he!–and to say the least, we miss him greatly!  As a result I was shopping and was successful. I had all ready moved our auto insurance to another company.

I loaded a quilt on Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon spent about two hours quilting–it was a joy to be back on the longarm and it performed beautifully!

Today the Cowboy has been puttering with the motorhome and I’ve been cooking.

This time of year we live in a green jungle of aspen trees, cow parsnip plants, grasses and wild rose bushes.  Seems one little dog lost her ball in the creek and as the water was down a touch the Cowboy went fishing for Emmi’s ball.  He was successful and we have a happy pooch!

Wednesday evening we drove over to Lonn’s to have dinner and see the gang–a very special evening!  Our granddaughter Laci and great granddaughter Lora are visiting from Germany.  I will never tire of hearing those babies say, “Mimi, watch this, Mimi watch this.”  Lora is almost five years old, Brooks is three and Millie is almost 21 months old.  It’s chaos in that house but it’s a joyful chaos. Here is photo overload–

On the way home tonight the skies were so full of color–


18 thoughts on “Where Do The Days Go

  1. I went through a two year ‘contact lens’ phase about 25 years ago. Got tired of poking myself in the eye every morning and finally went back to hanging my glasses on my face again. Problem solved except I still hate wearing glasses!!.


  2. Sorry THAT Canadian was so rude. Sounds like that person needs a REAL dictionary, and some manners. Ottawa, Bottawa…no biggie! From another Canadian.


  3. When I retired from teaching my husband asked who was going to help me find my glasses. My jr high students were so good keeping me “focused”. Yes, I still play hide n seek from time to time. I can no longer wear contacts.


  4. We’ve had a couple of those blunt corrections to the blog made in a comment. We have no problem with the correction if stated kindly. Glad you have had some time with your long arm. I am so glad I finally got to see it. What an amazing machine. I, too, use to wear contacts. Once my vision needed correction in both visions, I couldn’t get a contact that worked. My optician tried for weeks to find a good fit. It finally came down to the fact that one vision would be a little weak. Glasses were then my friend. What a good dad to go hunting and swimming for the ball for his girl. Your great grandchildren are just so dear. What a special evening.


    1. I try very hard when commenting to at least be polite whether I’m commenting on a blog or Facebook. Yes, I wasn’t happy with my close up vision being a “little weak” when wearing the contacts so I guess it’s glasses for me. I will continue to wear the contacts when we are ATVing–it’s the only way I can wear goggles. I tried the goggles which fit over your glasses and hated them. We had such a good time with the family last night.


  5. It is crazy to think it’s almost July 4th – again!! I know we’re enjoying them all, but those days do seem to disappear behind us. I’m amazed Michael could find anything in all that foliage – what a good dad! The kiddos are getting so big, just darling. Beautiful skies – love that pink 🙂


    1. The ball was in the creek hung up on a bunch of rocks–when she lost the ball the water was higher/muddy and we couldn’t see it. Yes, he’s a good Emmi dad! We sure enjoyed seeing our kiddos last night!


  6. A year ago I had cataract surgery in both eyes and after not being able to see anything out past 12 inches or so without some pop bottle bottom glasses, it is great to be able to see for miles without specs!! Had been in glasses since I was 6 years old!!


  7. I did notice that spelling error, but just thought to myself, good that place is populated with such a bunch of corrupt goofs maybe nobody will realize it is our capital city.


  8. Janna, have you thought about submitting some of your beautiful pics to earthsky.org. The red twilight shot is just gorgeous!


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