Lightroom Here I Come

Picasa has always been my photo editing software of choice.  Some of you may remember Rick Doyle of the blogging world.  While his political views and the way he expressed his views were outside my comfort level he did offer such good advice on Picasa and photo management.  I’ve used his instructions for years without a hitch until lately when Picasa has started to import my photos into odd places.  My yesterday photos went into a folder labeled January 14, 2014.  That’s weird enough but when I go to find those photos in Picasa so I can edit, that folder is nowhere to be found.  So–Lightroom here I come.

When Sue and Mo were here Sue gave me a quick tutorial of the photo editing software program, Lightroom.  In addition Sue loaned me a DVD tutorial with multiple videos detailing how Lightroom works.  The Cowboy and I don’t like subscription programs–pay per month/year for extra cloud storage, pay per month/year for software such as Microsoft Office.  So, I purchased an actual DVD of Lightroom–version 6, the last to be released on disk.  From this release forward Adobe will only sell Lightroom as a subscription program.

I’ve watched several of the how to videos and understand the storage system which is similar to Picasa.  Yesterday I decided to jump in and just try it.  I all ready LOVE some of the features and I LOVE the crispness of my photos.  Picasa made importing and then deleting photos from your camera card very easy.  Lightroom does NOT delete photos from your camera card–that’s the only glitch I’ve discovered so far that I don’t particularly like.  I just made myself go find the manual for my camera–stored on my iPad–and figure out how to delete multiple photos at once with the camera. Problem solved.  The following photos were taken while the gang was visiting–one chilly morning walk.

Wednesday went by in a blur, the Cowboy is learning a new technique for him–“knockdown drywall finishing”–that’s our builder friend Terry’s term for rough, make it look like plaster drywall finishing.  Louanne and Dan have the textured walls in their house and the Cowboy has been practicing on two of our walls–I’m thinking he’s got the technique down pat!

Here’s one of the kind of photos I love–good friends having fun–Tom was in charge of grilling but all the other guys were certainly giving him advice! Our friend Sandy took this photo.

Thursday we took a drive to Tucson and purchased steel for the porch roof supports and for supports for the evaporative cooler.  Of course we did the Walmart and Costco thing too.  As you know we are big fans of Walmart’s grocery app–order and pay for your groceries online, chose a pickup day/time, get a text when your order is ready, text back that you are on your way and Walmart starts tracking you.  As you drive into the parking lot for grocery pickup someone is opening the door and bringing your groceries out to your car.  This didn’t happen yesterday.  There were six vehicles parked waiting for grocery pickup–usually there is no one waiting.  One lady said they only brought out one half her order.  Walmart always sends an email asking for feedback about the pickup process.  I nicely explained on the survey that our pickup experience was not up to the usual par.  I received a very nice email in response along with a $10 coupon to be used on our next pickup order–nice!

Friday the Cowboy started pouring concrete for the support footings.  Saturday we set one of the supports for the evaporative cooler–

I even dug one of the holes!!

Friday evening we enjoyed another fabulous dinner with Louanne and Dan.  Saturday evening we are heading over to Joe and Sue’s–our nearest neighbors–for a cookout.  Two nights not having to make dinner is a wonderful thing!

In trying to become familiar with Lightroom I’ve made some mistakes–obviously!  My photos are too small now and I’ve struggled with it for over an hour–so they are what they are for tonight!


16 thoughts on “Lightroom Here I Come

  1. I was especially interested in your post today as I’m looking for a good photo editing program. So I’ll be keeping watch to see how you work with it. I’ll readily admit that these things aren’t easy for me to learn. But it sounds good… thanks for sharing.


    1. I am going to learn Lightroom Sharon–it may take me a while but I will learn! It’s hard when we’ve been using the same program for years and when our brains are older! 🙂


  2. Hope you find the spot on the export dialogue that sets how big you want your photos. I export at full resolution. I can see a hint of Lightroom in that last photo. 🙂 keep having fun.


    1. I’ve never uploaded at full resolution as when we traveled it ate GBs–and Rick agreed with me.:) 🙂 Now that I’m hooked up to really fast unlimited internet in our homes, I could upload at full resolution but geez it takes a long time! I was hoping you could see a glimmer of Lightroom in the photos–I love that “clarity” button!


    1. It will make it easier to finish the drywall Pam. The contractors used this method when they remodeled our former home in Montana–it looks great! And our friends Louanne and Dan have this rough texture on their walls here in Sunsites. You still have to tape the seams and use mud on them but you don’t have to be quite as precise!


  3. Tell Mike I really like the textured walls Janna. You are a good example of stepping up and learning a new way of doing things.


  4. Try You Tube for Lightroom tutorials too. When you are finished with a photo and you export the final result…that is where you choose size and quality. Play with that area.


  5. I don’t understand any of it but think your photos were
    extremely clear and crisp. Good going !
    Cowboy will be a journeyman drywaller for sure.


  6. Been thinking about trying Lightroom for a few years now but I know my impatience and aging short term memory would cause me unending frustrations. I know my Picasa editing program will cause me grief at some point so I may be forced to make a decision just as you did, I don’t like that ‘pay by the month’ Lightroom plan either, Kelly did download ‘WordPress’ onto my computer but not only can I not get to first base with it but I can’t even see the pitcher throwing the ball:((


    1. Lightroom is a great program so far. I found my small photo problem last night–it was user error in Word Press, not Lightroom! 🙂 Kelly could load Lightroom, get your photo catalog set up and then I bet you could sail on through!


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