More Steel Posts And More Lightroom

We’ve been “hanging” steel posts every morning, we now have four in cement.  You might ask, “why steel posts?”  The Cowboy has never lived where termites were a problem until we purchased this property.  So, he wants no wood touching the ground–thus steel posts for the porch roof supports.

The Cowboy has a clamp and chain attached to the end of the steel post.  He picks up the post with the backhoe and I stay out of the way until he’s close to the concrete form shown below.  As the Cowboy operates the backhoe levers I guide the post into the concrete mixture which is in the bottom of the form.

Then he starts measuring and measuring again to make sure we are the right distance from the house and in line with the previous post.  We pour more concrete around the post. The Cowboy climbs the ladder and secures the hooks of three crank straps to the top of the post and we use these to level it and secure the post until the concrete sets. This operation hasn’t been without excitement–I have to scurry out of the way when the post starts swinging too widely–but the Cowboy is so skilled with the backhoe levers this only happened one time.  Monday I was trying to help level a footing for the next post we will set and slipped into the hole into the concrete–oops!

The last couple days have been warm, hot actually and we retreat inside after lunch. We have two LaFuma lounge chairs the Cowboy gave me for my birthday many years ago.  They are such comfortable chairs. Last year at the end of the season the lacing along the sides of one chair broke.  We ordered replacement lacings and Monday I re-laced the chair.

We also hung our new sunshade blinds on the two large windows on the porch.  Doesn’t it aggravate you when you purchase something, install it and realize it’s wonky, manufactured poorly, and just won’t work???  One blind looks great, the other one is wonky and is being returned.  Louanne and Dan came over Monday evening and we enjoyed happy hour outside in the shade–first time this winter season!!

I did figure out the “small photo” problem–it wasn’t a Lightroom problem.  It was user error in Word Press! 🙂  Lightroom and I are making progress–one step forward, two steps back!  Tonight the program ate the photos I  imported–took me a while to find them–now it may take me longer to figure out why that happened! Our supervisor, Emmi.


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