The Gang Is Gone

It’s very quiet at our house this morning after four days of non-stop fun, laughs, riding and touring.

Sunday morning had us heading back up into the Dragoons with China Peak as our destination.  YIKES!!  What a steep, rocky, bone jarring, scary trail!!  We made it to the top, 7100 feet without incident–what a view!  It was a hazy day from what we are not sure but our photos aren’t what they could have been and I’m not sure the Cowboy is ever going to get me back up on top of China Peak! 🙂

On top of China Peak, elevation 7100 feet.
Geri and Larry coming through the rock pass.
Snack break before attacking China Peak.
Here comes Tom and Sandy
View from the top.
Another view from the top.
We survived China Peak!

Back home we enjoyed happy hour and another fabulous dinner of baby back ribs.  Monday morning we decided a truck tour was in order.  Larry and Joe decided to stay at home and we took just the one vehicle to the Chiricahua National Monument.

Chiricahua National Monument
Give me some more bread!
Maybe if I give you the evil eye there will be more snacks!

There was one camp robber jay in a tree above us as we ate our lunch at the monument.  The Cowboy tossed a small piece of bread into the air and suddenly there were twenty jays!! Noisy beggars!

Once again, we enjoyed happy hour with Dan and Louanne coming out to join us.  Kathy and Sandy provided steaks and the guys had the grilling honors.  After dinner we took another drive–to Whitewater Draw.  No sandhill cranes–they’ve all flown north for the summer but we did get to see the owl and one of her babies–

Back at home we enjoyed Louanne’s fabulous pound cake!  It was such a pleasure to have Larry and Geri, Tom and Sandy, and Kathy and Joe.  Friends like these are such a gift and we treasure the fact they were willing to make a six hour drive in order to spend time with us.




10 thoughts on “The Gang Is Gone

  1. Mattie does that same thing when company leaves, she loves company. Looks like your company was the very best kind, people of like mind doing something that everyone loves. Gorgeous views from that peak, even with the haze. We saw a lot of that haze on our return through Arizona, trying to figure out where it comes from. Can’t possibly be all from Phoenix, but it was everywhere on the horizons and in the skies along I-40


  2. What a fun group of friends you have.
    Your a hearty bunch and the pictures were great.
    That owl baby was a really good shot!


  3. So much fun! I’ve learned that I rarely enjoy the drive to a “scenic view point” and always say I’m never doing it again 🙂 Bummer the cranes have moved on, but you sure got some beautiful skies!


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