The Gang Is All Here

Of course the first to arrive was Larry and Geri–they are always early!  Sandy and Tom also brought their RV.  Kathy and Joe are staying in the house with us.  It’s so good to see our North Ranch friends and be able to show them our neck of the woods!  We let them set up their rigs then enjoyed a wonderful dinner of brisket, roasted potatoes, baked beans and salad.  Dessert was homemade chocolate pie and cherry cheese cake pie.

Emmi was so glad to see Larry and Geri!

Bright and early Saturday morning we were off–it was a perfect weather day for riding.  We found a cave with lots of water–complete with art work!

The wildflowers are gorgeous–

Our friend Linda had told us that Curly Bill’s hideout was up in the Dragoons and had given the Cowboy a general idea of where it was located.  Linda said, “look for the stovepipe.”  My eagle eye husband spotted the square opening of the hideout before we saw the stovepipe.  Curly Bill Brocius, was a gunmanrustler and an outlaw Cowboy in the Cochise County area of the Arizona Territory during the early 1880s.  Curly Bill was killed by Wyatt Earp during a shootout.

Can you see the stovepipe??

Dan and the Cowboy inside the hideout.

The stovepipe.

And we had to do a little repair work on Joe and Kathy’s CanAm–we travel with a group of talented mechanics–thank goodness!!!

We stopped by Dan and Louanne’s for a little tour of their home then Dan joined us for happy hour and dinner.  Geri fed us tonight–lasagna, salad and a delicious fruit dessert.  If nothing else we do eat well with these people.

More riding is on the agenda for tomorrow–see we do take breaks from working on the house–occasionally!

Larry and Geri gave us sad news tonight–our friend Beverly lost her battle with scleroderma two weeks ago.  We met Bev while at North Ranch and have such fond memories of the jeep ride we took with Bev and Jim, Simon and Sandy and the Bayfield Bunch, Al and Kelly.  Bev had the most positive attitude in spite of her nasty disease and we will miss her.  Rest in peace dear Bev.



10 thoughts on “The Gang Is All Here

  1. Hmm. I left a comment but it went somewhere, maybe into the hideout? I do know how good that brisket was! And was tickled to see all those poppies in your yard. What a fun day with your good friends. Nice that everyone could come down and enjoy time doing what you love to do. Say hi to Dan for us. Maybe next time we will get to meet Louanne.


  2. Good friends are just best!
    I’m betting you are just the best hostess too!
    Brisket AND chocolate pie, yum⭐️⭐️⭐️


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