Turkey Creek And Phoenix

Turkey Creek and Phoenix–opposite ends of the spectrum.  One is remote and quiet, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  The other is vibrant and exciting with so many choices.  I like both, the Cowboy not so much.

Saturday the Cowboy decided it was time for a day off.  We packed a lunch and took a drive up Turkey Creek–a new adventure for us.  The creek is still running strong after the winter’s rain and snow. Pine trees and live oak trees line the roadway and the rock formations are beautiful.

There are signs of the forest fires which sweep across this arid land in summer–

There are people who live up Turkey Creek–miles and miles of gravel road, miles and miles from civilization.

And then there is Phoenix.  I drove to Phoenix on Sunday meeting a friend for a few days of fun in the big city leaving the Cowboy and Emmi to hold down the fort.  We toured–the Desert Botanical Garden and the Heard Museum.

Chihuly glass sculptures at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Butterflies and flowers at the gardens

Sculptures at the Heard Museum–

We had great luck with our dining choices using Yelp and also a recommendation from the owner of the home we rented.  The Perfect Pear was an awesome choice for salads and pasta dishes.  After touring the gardens and doing all that walking we needed hearty sustenance–a brew pub and burgers made from ground brisket and ground beef were just the right choice–the best burger I’ve ever eaten!  After the museum we chose a French bistro–Zinc– recommended by the home owner–again, just outstanding, fabulous food!  We spent a lot of time sitting outside on the patio in the evening enjoying the warm weather.  My Montana friends–Jeane, Jordan and PJ–dropped by for breakfast Tuesday morning and it was very good to see folks from home.

After a few days of big city life it’s always good to come home.  The Cowboy and Emmi were thrilled to see me as I was them.  The Cowboy has the half bath operational and hung some more drywall while I was gone.  More big adventures are in the works–stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Turkey Creek And Phoenix

  1. What fun, Janna, the best of both worlds. Nice that you can have it all. The flowers at the gardens look wonderful! I am really ready for some springtime color. We left all the green behind in Florida it seems, but I did get a taste of desert green as we drove through the Mojave yesterday.


  2. The area really does have the best of both with so many options for nature and cultural highlights. Too few take advantage of the variety. Love the glass sculptures in the gardens!!


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