True Restoration

Many times the blog has nothing to do with restoration, it’s just our daily journal and it never ceases to amaze us the number of people who keep reading that journal! And we appreciate each and every one of you!

This blog has to do with restoration–we’ve gone from this:

To this gorgeous home restored to this point by the two of us in fifteen months.  We did hire Sergio and his crew to stucco the outside but the remainder of the work has been done by the Cowboy and me. Sergio and his guys finished Friday morning and left us both over joyed with the finished product.  We planted the citrus trees–you can barely see them in the photo.

When purchased the houses had no garage and we added a garage. There were two houses joined only by a roof which had seen better days.  I can still see in my mind that nasty entryway into the “guest” house and gag! Now the two houses are joined by a hallway.  The eaves of the houses were rotting and the roofs leaked which in turn ruined the inside of both houses.

Garage being built. Parapets being added to the guest house roof.

This nasty room is in the main house and now looks like this–

When finished this will be our dining room.

That nasty entryway to the guest house which is all enclosed now.

The guest house had a kitchen–cabinets, sinks, appliances.  It was just a little strangely arranged and we went to work removing this cabinet which sat in the middle of the kitchen.

Now the kitchen looks like this–new floors, different appliances, clean!

We’ve made so many changes to both houses, we joke that there isn’t a wall in either house we haven’t moved!

This is an actual photo taken from the realtor website when we bought this property–were we crazy–and why would a realtor trying to sell something use this photo???  This photo is of the small guest bedroom and living room of the guest house.  It now looks like this–

At times we get tired and discouraged about how much we still have to do.  But, we then remind ourselves of how far we’ve come in 15 months of work!

The Cowboy has been doing some concrete work– Why there was a low spot in the concrete we have no idea–there was a closet where this new concrete has been poured. We put up this beam in late spring, 2018, right before we went back to Montana for the summer.  The Cowboy decided to mortar in the gaps around the beam. 

We took a break today, going for a drive up Turkey Creek but I will leave those photos for another day.  I am off to Phoenix Sunday leaving the Cowboy and Emmi to fend for themselves.



42 thoughts on “True Restoration

  1. I like the spot you picked for the trees it was where I had in mind, protected and lots of sun, maybe you’ll be making lemonade next year.


      1. The house looks great as well, I was just thinking about the next project because I know after a day of sitting around when it is finished you guys will be on the go to the next one. You might wear out some tools but you damn sure are never going to wear out any lounge chairs.


  2. So much fun seeing your house with the stucco completed. It IS gorgeous, a true Southwest gem of a home. It is also fun seeing photos of the kitchen where you cooked that incredible brisket, and the living room that we laughed and shared with you and your friends who welcomed us. What an amazing job you have done. So much work!! Congratulations.


  3. Oh my goodness, you’ve transformed your reno-job house into a truly magnificent home! How beautiful is that color, style…stucco/paint fellows did a lovely job.
    I’ve followed your reno along since last year (from Bayfield Bunch link) and I believe I was living vicariously through your reno. You have both done an excellent job and obviously work well together. Fingers crossed for the lemon trees! Agree that near the walls will be a tad more sheltered than out in the open. Glad also that Emmi is back to health. Thank you for your journal…enjoy it immensely. Barb


  4. Janna, what an amazing transformation! A lot of blood, sweat and tears certainly has paid off for the two of you! Congratulations to both of you! Hope you can find some time to relax and enjoy!🥰❤️


    1. There’s lots more to do but as you know Barb, it keeps us young! We still have to install two porches, build a fence and finish the inside of the main house–lots of work!


  5. WOW! Great job. Having redone a couple of houses myself, I can honestly say that you’ve accomplished a lot in a short period of time. Congratulations.


  6. Oh, my! The house looks gorgeous with the outside completed. What a beautiful place. You have to keep looking at the guest house transformation to keep yourselves going on the main house. You two are making great progress. Have fun in Phoenix!


  7. Well- what an incredible job you guys have done- we cannot believe what you have accomplished, on your own (pretty much) in a very short space of time – you should be very proud of yourselves! Missing you guys and think of you often. Roger and Lynne😍


  8. thanks so much for taking the time to blog about your life and the Reno job. I enjoy following your success. I’m married to a construction guy… they never quit building!


  9. You two are amazing ! And that is an understatement ! Just love the stucco and the finishing touches ……… Always such a pleasure that you so willingly share your projects and activities ! It’s been years, I don’t often comment but I am always along for the ride !
    My very best always, SallyB


  10. Wow! What a beautiful home. You two have done an amazing job transforming it. I don’t see where you get the energy to do so much. Enjoy!


  11. House is looking great and I know your feelings after seeing the stucco work complete. We experienced that when our Congress house was finally stuccoed, So great to just stand back and look at it. A huge turning point in your restorations,


  12. I know so many people used the words
    amazing and incredible but that is exactly what
    it is ! You are both work horses for sure……and I mean
    that as a compliment. Great tenacity ⭐️⭐️⭐️
    It looks wonderful !!!


  13. It looks like I pictured it in my mind! The work is amazing – what a talented couple you are. Good to look back so you can see how far you’ve already come. And you’ve also become part of a delightful little community.


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