Post Thanksgiving

We’ve been having some chilly days in southeastern Arizona–Thanksgiving Day was gray and chilly.  I thought the freezing morning temps were finished for a while and filled the bird bath–I was wrong!

We enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the home of friends Dan and Louanne–every year they gather a group of friends and sometimes family to celebrate this day when it’s good to be with family and friends.  And as usual the amount of food prepared was mind boggling and all so, so good!  It might have been the best turkey I’ve ever eaten! Dan and Louanne, our hosts.

And the food!

It was a perfect Thanksgiving Day and we are so glad to have met Louanne and Dan last season–they are great friends and they also can both cook!!

Friday was decorating day for me and kitchen cabinet day for the Cowboy.  I spent the day putting up the tree and re-discovering all my beloved Christmas decorations–my nativity scenes, the little porcelain angels orchestra which survived our fire of 2000, the Cowboy’s yarn santa made by his grandmother when he was a little boy–all much loved.

Here is a before photo of the kitchen cabinet with a problem–Notice this cabinet is sitting right on the floor and is lower than the sink counter and the stove??  What were they thinking??–maybe it was just one of those things which never was finished??  The “counter top” is just a piece of plywood–ugh!  And they left too much space for the stove between the two cabinets.  Most of the time the Cowboy putters along with whatever project he wants but this season I told him I wanted that cabinet fixed as in fixed soon after we arrived–yesterday he did just that.  This little guest house is old–and matching the formica counter tops was not going to happen.  So we came up with the idea to use butcher block.

Saturday was dump day (the transfer station is open on Saturday) and as always we had a truck load.  Back at home the Cowboy started creating another dump load by demolishing some drywall and stud walls.  I finished decorating and applied mineral oil to the new butcher block–I am so placed with this new counter top!  Homemade pizza for lunch–very good.  The Cowboy is cooking supper and you know what that means–popcorn and ice cream!

 This guest house is tiny and I was hard pressed to find two wall spots large enough to hang these quilts.

13 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving

  1. Those quilts sure make the place look festive! Beautiful! And I love your solution with the butcher block counter top… quite innovative!


  2. I made the same quilt with the stockings, but I wanted mine to be folded on the back of the couch, so I put the row of stockings near the bottom instead of the top. I love that quilt, any way it’s done!


    1. That quilt has special meaning for me and I love it. The Cowboy was very ill in 2010 and we were at home on my birthday–he felt so bad about not being able to take me to lunch, etc. but it couldn’t be helped, he was miserable. I went to get the mail and found a wonderful present from my dear sister and niece–the book which contains this pattern and the fabric to make the quilt. It made me cry and it made my day!


  3. Michael did a great job with the cabinet. The butcher block was a good idea and looks perfect. You Christmas quilts are beautiful. I can’t believe it was cold enough freeze the water in the bird bath…brrr!


    1. We are quite proud of our resourcefulness in finding something that would work with the present counter tops :)! the counter tops are in really good condition and we couldn’t see replacing them in the guest house. Yes, we had two really warm, nice days then this chilly business started but what’s not to like about 68 degree afternoons!


  4. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures. My thoughts and Prayers are with you and Michael due to passing of his Father. God Bless You.


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