A Wordy Blog And Happy Thanksgiving

When talking about the blog one day, Lonn accused me of being “wordy!”  Some days I am, some days I’m not, this is a wordy day with lots of photos plus a Gina and Rollie update!  Monday we took the day off–can you imagine that??  Our friends Dan and Louanne purchased their first side by side ATV this summer–a CanAm, same model as ours.  Monday we left our house and headed up into the Dragoon Mountains–we had a great day, the weather was perfect and the scenery amazing.  This road is coming down from attempting to find a spot named China Camp.  It was getting late in the day so we all voted to save the actual China Camp for another time.

 Here comes Dan and Louanne.

Smiles on our faces!

Tuesday I traveled to Elfrida for yoga–I really like this instructor and the ladies in the class.  Back home I made lunch then traveled again–this time to Benson for a large grocery store run.  Took the Walmart cashier forever to run all those groceries across the scanner–I almost felt sorry for him!  Had to make another stop at Safeway for three things I couldn’t find at Walmart then to the hardware store.  Back home it took me another forever to store all those groceries!  And, I bought romaine lettuce dang it–in the garbage it went today!

Good news from Arkansas–Mom’s husband Chuck is once again mobile–he fell many, many weeks ago fracturing his ankle, had to have surgery and just yesterday received the go ahead to start walking bearing weight on that ankle.  I know he is so glad to be out of his recliner and Mom is probably even happier! 🙂

The sub floor is now finished–that’s what the Cowboy did while I was at yoga on Tuesday.  We are both having a hard time adjusting now that there is no step. 🙂

The war on tumbleweeds continues–we are a team–the Cowboy shovels some days, I shovel others.  Today I shoveled and shoveled but he helped me by driving the backhoe to each of my tumbleweed piles so I could toss the dang things into the bucket.  He had a couple of those long 2×6 boards and rather than move them around while trying to work on other things the Cowboy decided to just use the lumber–

See the board above the bricks–that will support the porch roof at some time.

Now for the Gina and Rollie update–in 2010 when we met them out in the Bouse, AZ desert they had no grandchildren.  Monday they celebrated the birth of their ninth grandchild–a little girl named Jules born to Ashley and Parker in Arkansas where both Ashley and Parker are physicians.  Jules joins a big sister and big brother.

Isn’t she beautiful!

The Cowboy and I would like to wish all our friends and family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day–we are thankful for our many, many blessings.

My talented sweet niece created this fall scene during the wedding weekend when I was home in Arkansas.  This is Princess Charlotte, their “puppy” mastiff.


14 thoughts on “A Wordy Blog And Happy Thanksgiving

    1. Back when Facebook would allow Word Press to automatically link the blog to FB, readers would see the first few sentences then “read 259 more words” or something similar–that’s when Lonn called me wordy.


  1. Well, gee, Janna, that didn’t seem the least bit wordy to me! Mo and I are raking leaves, probably more pleasant than your tumbleweeds, but we do the same thing. She drives the tractor, I fill the bucket, she hauls them to the trailer and mashes them down while I rake more leaves. That sure does look like a lovely ride in the desert mountains, and what a cute little girl. Fun blog.


  2. LOL – love the title 🙂 Nine grands in eight years would certainly change your world! The newest looks like an angel. As annoying as the wind can be, it’d be nice if it would just come and blow away all the tumblers!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Micheal – and Emmi of course!


  3. Obviously, Lonn doesn’t read many blogs. If he did, he would understand wordy which you are NOT! I like that your post is short and sweet, to the point:) It’s great to see you and Michael out playing. The floor looks great, Michael! Happy Thanksgiving, Janna, Michael, and Emmi!


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