Still Busy

Whew!  Friday morning was spent recovering from jet lag–going to the east coast just wears me out!  Friday afternoon we went to town–attorney’s office, bank, etc.  There are lots of decisions to be made at a time such as this.

A watery rainbow. Every day since I came home we’ve had rain/snow–not much but just enough to keep everything wet and muddy.

Saturday we spent in town at Nat’s house cleaning, tossing, boxing–the Cowboy’s daughter Shannen and her family came from Billings to help and they were a tremendous help!  It’s a relief to point someone in the right direction and they just go without needing a lot of direction.  We treated them to a late lunch then left for the day with a sense of relief that chore was behind us.

Today the Cowboy and I enjoyed a late breakfast and then began moving the stuff we brought home from Nat’s in the small cargo trailer into the horse trailer we are taking to Arizona.  Yes, we are not taking our new to us motorhome.  With all the stress of Nat’s last days and death the Cowboy wasn’t able to get everything fixed the way he wanted in the motorhome.  He’s not comfortable starting out on a 1500 mile journey in an unproven motorhome–we’ve never spent even one night in it and only drove it home, parking it in the driveway.  So we will travel to Arizona in the truck pulling the aluminum horse trailer we purchased last year.  All is well.

As we were unpacking some of the boxes from Nat’s I found the baby monitor type camera we purchased so Nat could signal to Barb in her bedroom that he needed assistance.  I suddenly had a bad feeling–in all the tossing on Saturday I remembered seeing a little white box and cord–I thought it was an old style answering machine and tossed it!!!  Luckily we hadn’t taken all the trash bags to the dump so we spent some time going through trash bags today–and found the monitor for the camera in the third bag–yeah!!

Our weather is about to deteriorate–snow is coming and very cold temps.  We are ready for some warm weather and sunshine!


14 thoughts on “Still Busy

  1. Hopefully getting to your Arizona home will be much more comfortable. All your work previously will be very welcome.
    Those big ole horse trailers have proved
    valuable to us many times.
    Safe travels to you and soon lots of
    sunshine. It was 81 today here in central
    Calif. 😊


  2. Both Kelly and I were executors for my Mothers and my Uncle Harry’s estates so we understand well all the decisions that have to be made. With the compounded stress of late you will both be so relieved to get on the road, clear the area, and land yourselves in the warm sunny Southwest at your Cochise County digs.


  3. I love rainbows of any kind… always feel they truly are a sign that all is well. Hope your rainbow is a sign for you.


  4. I’m sure it’s a good feeling to have it all done. Is there some announcement coming? Corresponding with the baby monitor? Lol👣


    1. No announcement Geri–just Barb trying to keep Nat safe–this is a funny story now–it wasn’t funny at the time. We purchased Nat a lift chair and at times he would get confused and launch himself to a standing position then not know what to do and he was very unsteady on his feet, falling a couple times after doing this. Barb could be in her room but yet watch Nat on the camera–saving him from falling. We tried taking the chair controls away from him but he would get angry. We finally plugged the chair into a power strip and turned it off at night–Nat still had the control but it wouldn’t do anything.


  5. I’ve been really out of touch and did not know that Nat that died. As sad and stressful as it is, for Nat’s sake I am glad his earthly suffering is done. Arizona is beautiful and anxiously waiting for you.


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