Home Sweet Home

My plane arrived 45 minutes early in Bozeman just after noon today–I had to wait a bit for the Cowboy and one excited little pooch.  Ten days is a long time to be gone especially during this time–I am very glad to be back in Montana with my little family.

Last Monday I flew from Little Rock to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Once a year my Kimberly-Clark nurse friends have a gathering–we each take a turn hosting–last year was my turn and we were in Tucson.  Elaine was hostess this year–she and her husband Mark have a time share condo in West Palm Beach, Florida.  There are four of us–Elaine, Shirley, Kelly and myself–unfortunately Shirley was unable to join us this year.

Tuesday Elaine had planned a nature hike at the just down the road John D. MacArthur Beach State Park.  Valarie was our ranger/guide and our group consisted of only two other people.  The guided hike was awesome–Valarie was so knowledgeable about the sea turtles and other animals plus all the native trees and bushes.  She also had a sense of humor–right at the beginning of her talk she said, “we are going to have a little fun before we start, come over here.”  There was a HUGE spider in its web just off the deck of the visitor center.  She had us stand with the spider in front of our faces–I WAS NOT in any way close to that spider–WARNING–this photo just looks as if I was really close.  We all had a good time posing with Mrs. Spider who according to Valarie had all ready eaten her mate, laid her eggs and was dying.

Look at the weight on these sea turtles–the park is a prime nesting ground for both the Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles–seeing a turtle nest hatch is on my bucket list.

We enjoyed lunches out, the resort amenities such as the hot tub, and the company of great friends.  We strolled on the beach and shopped just a bit.  The days went by too fast and it was time for Kelly and me to head back to the airport in Fort Lauderdale–we spent last night in an airport hotel as we both had early flights.

Our two little Halloween monsters–Brooks and Millie.

Now it’s time to get ready for our departure to Arizona.  We will be busy the next few days.

10 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Cute little Halloweeners! Glad you had a good time with your friends… great way to “regroup” after so much going on in your life.


  2. Sounds like a great time with your friends in FL. Love the Halloween photo of Brooks and Millie:) Good luck prepping for your return to AZ. Hope you get out before any more snow comes to Montana!


  3. We will be in AZ today and I am so excited. You really did have a great time in Florida but home with The Cowboy and the pupper is where it’s at. Safe travels south.


  4. My Mom’s nursing class of 9 lived in the dorm together for four years and graduated as degree’d RN’s, still all together, in 1953 from Highland Park (Detroit). They did the same annual reunion thing – with husbands – often as elaborate as a cruise somewhere once all the kids were out of the way, all the way up until recently when it’s become too difficult for them (all but one still alive) to travel.

    They always had a blast.


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