Almost Ready

I think I could be perfectly happy to never see another snowflake! We have about eight inches on the ground and more falling–I went to Billings today for one last good haircut and the roads were totally clear from the Boulder Road all the way to Billings.  Seems we might have been right in the eye of this snowstorm.  It’s so icy and slippery–I slip and slid always worrying about falling.  At our age falling on the ice isn’t a good thing!

Monday we stayed home–can you believe it??  We packed and packed some more until we were both exhausted.  I’m thinking one house and a small RV which isn’t big enough to hold anything would be the way to go???  Tuesday we had to be in town before the garbage truck came to Nat’s.  We also were planning on a dump run but had our hours crossed–the dump isn’t open on Tuesday.

Billings was busy today–it almost seemed as if it was Christmas there were so many people out and about.  Do you have cable TV?  Nat had cable TV through Spectrum.  When we called to cancel the service we were told the equipment had to be returned in order for us to receive a refund.  So today I took the equipment to the Spectrum offices in Billings.  Six people waiting in line, two customer service reps helping two other people.  As I waited, more people came in behind me.  I walked up to the counter and politely asked if they could locate some help as the line was getting long.  The woman was very rude and told me, “no, there are just the two of us.”  I told her, “well, my time is way more valuable than to wait in line at a cable company, I will leave this box of stuff over here out of the way and you can process it at your leisure.”  I wrote Nat’s name and account number on top of the box and walked out. I called Spectrum on the way to my hair appointment and the customer service rep who answered the phone was a jewel.  We had been told we either had to return the equipment to the nearest service center–Billings–or drop it at the nearest UPS Store–Livingston.  The helpful customer service rep was very apologetic that the original phone rep had not told me they would send a prepaid box for the equipment.  So, so very glad I do NOT have cable! UGH!

We’ve slogged around in the snow and ice all afternoon packing–without the motorhome and its heat we can’t load some things until the last minute–such as my house plants.  I only have two small ones and they’ve always traveled with us but then it’s been a few years since we’ve left in a snowstorm at a predicted 16 degrees!

Soon we will be seeing sunshine!

20 thoughts on “Almost Ready

  1. Hopefully your trip will be uneventful and you get to the sun soon. I envy you even though the weather here right now is nice and sunny but a bit cold. Take care.


  2. I loved seeing your snow photos… but sure do understand your desire to get to warm weather soon. Take care of those houseplants…. sounds like they are part of the family by now!


    1. The plants truly are part of the family–the Christmas cactus is a cutting from a cactus which belonged to Mike’s mom and she has been gone sixteen years–her cactus was huge and our daughter-in-law kept it going after Joy’s death. When our DIL died almost five years ago I gave the cactus to Katie, our granddaughter–I wasn’t trusting she would keep it alive–she has!!!–and I took a cutting–that’s the one which travels with us. I have a small aloe vera which I’ve had for years and years–it’s good for burns.


  3. Ah, Janna, so get it about snow. I haven’t missed it one bit since we moved to Grant’s Pass. And I do love my Spectrum. Fast unlimited internet is a huge bonus. I got so tired of Verizon costs and slowdowns when I had to use the midi because we didn’t have access to cable. Travel safe


    1. Fast internet is a necessity as far as I’m concerned–just hope I never have to use a cable company to get it–we did use a cable country in Texas when Mike was working on the oil rig–it was fast internet. We are so incredibly fortunate out here in Montana 22 miles from town to have fiberoptic DSL lines from our local telephone cooperative. Lonn lives just over the hill from us 8-10 miles as the crow flies and he has Quest–no high speed internet offerings, just dial up. So Lonn has to have satellite internet–expensive and limited.


  4. Brrr! I am not and never have been a good winter person. I only wish I was heading south where this cold wind can’t bite at my nose and toes and anything in between. Safe travels!


    1. I loved winter when we were younger and stayed here year round but it only took one trip to Arizona to make us snowbirds! We snowmobiled and skied, we went where we wanted but now the snowy/icy roads make us edgy! So south to sunshine and warm temps we go!


  5. Brrr! Definitely time to get out of Montana. Looks like a lot of areas are cooling down in the coming days. We are dropping into the 60’s! Are you passing through Boulder City area on your way?


    1. Yes, we come through Boulder City and I see Pearce will be in the high sixties with high thirties at night–tis the season but at least it isn’t 10 degrees and snowing as it is here this morning!!!


      1. Thinking of you with the trailer, the new Railroad Pass Truck Plaza is now open just before you hit the new I-11 and come around the curve to head to Boulder City. It is nice and wide open with a truck plaza, car plaza, and parking lots for overnight. Makes fueling so easy when we arrive back home.

        Hopefully, this is just a temporary cool front passing through for a week. We are suppose to cool to the 60’s but stay in the 40’s at night. Yes, at least it isn’t snowing and in the teens!!


      2. Thanks Pam–it’s always hard to find an easy to get in gas station large enough for big rigs. We made it to Twin Falls and it is to be 18 degrees here tonight!!


  6. We had cable TV and when service got non-existent went to Dish then to DirecTV. Prices kept going up every few months & equipment was never updated. Calling them to come do something about anything would cost extra. FINALLY we got some decent Internet service, cancelled DirecTV and signed up for Hulu with Live TV and Netflix to use with the Roku boxes we already had. Also already had Amazon Prime so we have more entertainment than we can ever watch and still saving some money. And yes, DirecTV made it a hassle to get rid of them. The account got cancelled immediately & they also sent a bill immediately. Guess they thought I’d pay again, but no, we were paid up until the end of the month. That bill went into the round file. LOL Never heard what equipment they wanted returned so called & was told we would get a FedEx or UPS box & label. Explained that if they wanted stuff back I needed a postage paid USPS label since the others were a 50 mile round trip to drop off. Finally got the box, put everything in it and it’s been SLOWLY ambling it’s way to them ever since Oct. 26th. First to USPS center in Omaha, then to FedEx and as of this morning listed as “in transit”. And, oh yeah, they want us back as customers! LOL Hope you have a safe & uneventful trip south. Enjoy your winter in warmer climes.


    1. We too use the internet for TV type entertainment. In Montana we don’t even have a TV, in Arizona we do have a TV and we get over the air stations out of Tucson plus we use our Amazon Prime and a Fire Stick.


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