Blue Doors

Bright blue doors are a common sight in southwest style architecture.  We painted this door yesterday and I’m thinking it might be a touch too blue???  A mile away from the house and you can still really see that blue door.  Might need to tone it down a touch!

We are still plugging away around here.  The Cowboy has been on the roof and I sprayed weeds–the wind was non-existent Tuesday morning.  We have more weeds than we had last season as our grass/weeds weren’t mowed until they were very tall and covered with seeds.

Emmi is looking spiffy–bath and haircut for the pooch today.  Her fur grows as fast as mine does I think!

This subdivision is cut into one acre parcels divided by roads–non-maintained roads.  Some are used by land owners and are passable as is ours.  Other roads are almost invisible due to weed/grass growth.  My walking path was getting boring but today I found a cool route which gives Emmi and me about a three mile walk every morning.  We only have to dodge one little ankle bitter dog–he just barks at us from his yard.  The rest of the route is around non-inhabited land.

When I went to the post office this afternoon the temperature was 81 degrees–I think that’s the warmest temp we’ve had since Christmas.

Life is quiet but good.



14 thoughts on “Blue Doors

  1. Ohhhhhhh Janna, now you have me in trouble when Jim See’s that door. He has wanted to paint his door blue every since we have lived here. I have to admit it is kinda pretty! 😱


  2. Blue doors are a southwestern thing, Janna, and your door is blue. I must say that it is growing on me. Give it a few days. Not sure you should calm it down:) It works!


  3. Painting your doors blue in the Pueblo Indian Culture keeps the evil from entering. But of course I told Jim we don’t have any evil in Tombstone! Just Cowboys! 😇


  4. Well that sure is a shiny blue door alright. If I remember correctly I think we painted our Congress house front door blue as well. Wondering if you painted your white garage door too.


  5. Looks Great! So you can see it from the road! Good directional focus. “Turn in at the house with the bright blue door”!


  6. I’ve always said if I lived in an Adobe I’d have an eggplant colored front door – but the blue is much more traditional. It looks good to me, and may fade in the sun over the years so maybe you’ll need to repaint less 🙂

    Quiet is definitely good.


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