What’s Up With The Rain

No rain in the forecast this morning, nary a drop–just major wind.  So what is it doing while the Cowboy is trying to get a portion of the roof boxed and covered–it’s raining!  It rained enough he decided to come in and get off the roof–too slippery.  We will hope this is a quickly passing rain storm!  Geez has the wind ever howled today–making huge dust storms in the Willcox Playa–

And speaking of too slippery–I was in the back yard talking to Jill back home in Montana.  The Cowboy appeared above me on the roof and said he needed me when I finished the phone call.  Seems the wind caused his ladder to fall–so the Cowboy was stuck on the roof with no way down.  It’s a good thing I was at home! 🙂

Thursday morning I worked at the library–I enjoy the time spent with the books.  The Cowboy has been on the roof most of this week.  He did meet with the electric company people–we are going to eliminate a low hanging loop of electrical wire which runs from the last electric pole to the house by burying that wire.  And it takes an act of congress and money!!  It just makes sense–we don’t want one of our RVing friends to catch that wire or catch the wire with the backhoe–so underground it goes.

Friday morning the Cowboy headed to Sierra Vista for some of the supplies for this electrical job.  We also have to have the meter moved and move our breaker panel–lots of moving going on!  Emmi and I held down the fort–

Friday evening we were invited to the home of Dan and Louanne–we met them at the VFW hall a few weeks ago.  They invited other friends and we met more people–it was a fun evening!

Today I tackled a chore I’ve been avoiding–I ripped the drywall from a major part of the ceiling in the main house kitchen/hall/bath area.  Nasty, stinky, dusty, sweaty work–I wore a respirator mask–and I’m glad to have that major chore behind me.  There is still more to do–we have walls to remove and more ceiling drywall in a couple closets but I made a huge dent today.  Whew!

Tonight we are off to try the rib dinner at the VFW hall.  Update–the ribs were delicious!

11 thoughts on “What’s Up With The Rain

  1. I’m going to be exhauated by the time the main house is finished! This project is huge but I’m hanging with you!!! Haha! You’ll be glad to get back to Montana and rest. But I don’t believe either of you rest much:) Boy the wind was wicked this afternoon. Please be careful on that roof, Michael!!


  2. We didn’t get one drop of rain but the wind was fierce. About blew the Cowboy shooters off the range! We had a group of 13 that went to the Horseshoe in Benson for breakfast and dust 😈’s was coming at us across the roads. It was exciting!


  3. We don’t get the wind up here in AJ like you do down south. You guys just don’t ever quit. But when you’re done (if ever) the place is going to so wonderful and then hopefully you can just enjoy it for a few days before the next project. LOL


  4. Spring in the desert = wind, but the late rains have been a nice change. I know it feels good to go in that area and not see that nasty dry wall still there! Glad you’re getting out and meeting the neighbors. And that the ribs were good :-))


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