More Roof Building

For all those readers thinking we work too hard–Saturday was incredibly windy and we both spent the day on the couches reading and watching TV–so see, we don’t always work!  Sunday I went to church and the Cowboy worked on the roof until just after lunch when the wind started gusting again.  I puttered with a little sewing project–a table runner and the Cowboy relaxed on the couch.

Monday morning dawned with little wind–thank goodness!  Yoga was great–the teacher we have is a young woman with a lyrical accent–although born in the US, she spent most of her growing up years in France.  Her way of teaching is very different from any yoga class I’ve attended.  I know proper breathing is a very important yoga concept but there is a limit to how long an attention span I have for alternate nostril breathing! 🙂 And I’ve never been to a yoga class in which the “corpse” pose is used throughout the session–seems to defeat the purpose of warming your muscles! 😉 😉  Today was just right–not too long a breathing session and no “corpse” poses in the middle of all the other poses.

Sunday morning while walking Emmi I took the below photo–my first thought was, “oh, no, not another fire!!!”  The clouds appeared to rise from the eastern side of the Dragoon Mountains giving the impression of smoke rising–but it was just clouds.

 In the below photo, the area outlined in black is the burned area from last summer’s fire.  The area outlined in red is a property you can see from our house–we made an offer on that place before we bought our current home–the offer wasn’t accepted–it was a move in ready house with a little guest casita and beautiful grounds.  

The Cowboy is making progress on the roof of the main house–Notice the truck tool box–every night he would bring all the power tools down off the roof using the backhoe bucket.  Now he just puts them in the tool box.

I moved a bunch of “stuff” from a closet inside the main house today–the ceiling needs to come down in that area.  I can see a lot of moving in our future–finish one room, move all the “stuff” into the finished room–so you can work on the next room.

I promised photos of the kitchen after painting the trim–I really like the color I chose and the paint/polyurethane seems to be holding up well.

Before painting the trim.
After painting the trim.
Other side of the kitchen.

I can’t remember the last kitchen I had with no window–I don’t like not having a window–we plan to take one of my photos, send it to Costco and have a large metal print made for that blank spot above the sink.  The main house will have a window looking out over the Dragoons.

This little guy looks as if the wind is blowing him away–

8 thoughts on “More Roof Building

  1. Looking good !!!
    Are the houses tight so the mice and other critters
    can’t get in ?
    The roof project staggers me…. The cowboy has
    his ‘game’ on! Bless his hard working heart.


  2. I love the area your property sits in – those 360 degree views are wonderful without being so close to the fire areas. Glad this one was just clouds 🙂 I couldn’t picture how the painted trim would look and wow what a great difference it makes!! Looks very finished and professional. You could put one of your photos in an old window frame over that sink……


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