We Are Gone

By the time this blog publishes we will be gone–we’ve fled the heat hoping to find some cooler temps.  The morning temperature where we are going was 35 degrees Saturday morning! 🙂 🙂  The internet signal is spotty where we are going so blogs may/may not be sporadic.  We are looking forward to some ATVing and we are taking the kayak.  The CanAm loaded into the trailer without incident–always a good thing!  I think most of what we need is in the toyhauler–it’s a very, very small community where we are going and has only a convenience store/gas station.

Check out today’s humidity levels–the bottom number–that’s why there is such a dangerous potential for fires.

It’s been very warm and a hot, dry wind blew all day on Saturday.

My geraniums are beautiful right now so they went to visit with Jim and Kathy while we are gone.  I’m taking a pot of petunias and a pot of daisies with me–maybe the varmints (deer) won’t eat them!  I tossed the basil–sorry Bonnie–I can never grow herbs without the dang things bolting and I really tried this time!

The day lilies and roses are blooming.  The columbine is finished for the year–it doesn’t tolerate the heat well.

So, hopefully the next blog will be more entertaining!





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