It’s That Time Of Year

Forest fire season–today was hot and very windy.  Many evenings we have thunderstorms–no rain, only dry lightening which breeds all these forest fires you see on this map.  Today was the first day the air has been smokey.  I went to Big Timber for bird seed and fudge bars–a necessary summer in Montana treat–and on the way home the mountains were almost totally obscured by smoke.

We are planning our maiden voyage in the toy hauler trailer–we are trying to find a cooler place to be in Montana.  The Cowboy has vetoed my choice–Cooke City, Montana at 7500 feet elevation is seeing temps in the high 70’s.  But the Cowboy doesn’t want to pull the trailer through Yellowstone Park and I can’t really blame him–this time of year, the Park is a zoo and I’m not talking about the wildlife!!  So, we are looking at mountain ranges over near Wisdom, Montana.

Tonight Lonn, Mike, Katie and the sweetest little boy, Brooks came to have dinner with us.  They are busy, busy with guests–it’s that time of year for them too–guest time that is.Image may contain: 1 person, child, outdoor and nature

We’ve had a hummingbird hatch I think–I’m filling the feeder at least once a day–the hummers even caught Brook’s attention tonight.

And it’s that time of year when it’s hard to find blog worthy material–thanks for sticking with us!




4 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year

  1. Every summer there are so many fires. You’d think the underbrush would be gone everywhere. Such a scary time of year. Hope the smoke doesn’t get too bad near you. Good luck on your maiden voyage! Brooks is always a great topic. Such an adorable boy. Love that round face:)


  2. I can’t remember if you folks like hot water, but there are a couple of hot springs around Wisdom..
    I have 20 or more hummers at my home, I’ve gone thru 10# of sugar so far this summer.
    They are so cute, a few of them come up to my windows, looking me in the face, the feeder needs filling David!…So the softy I am I fill them up…They don’t have pockets for $$ and can’t visit the stores when the flowers aren’t blooming So I am the chosen one.


    1. When I go out and remove the feeder for filling it yet again the little hummers just buzz and buzz–I always talk to them, “just a minute you greedy little buggers!”


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