One Smart Mom

The owl has been keeping us company sitting in nearby dead trees and even landing on the deck one late afternoon. We’ve been keeping a close eye on Emmi! My research tells me owls prefer smaller prey than Emmi but I don’t trust that research! Not when I’ve read so many stories about owls taking pets–cats and dogs. And yes, maybe the owl doesn’t quite make a getaway with the pet but the injuries sustained by the pet are sometimes fatal. So, we aren’t taking any chances!

Little Emmi had a vet appointment early this week–we love our first class veterinarians in this small community. We have five fulltime vets and one part time. They operate out of a tiny building–Emmi has been examined on the front office desk at times!

The Cowboy continues his work on the big project for our friend/neighbor. I finished the quilt for Jeane and have done some sewing of all things. I ordered some pants and ordered a “tall” as I am five feet, eight inches tall. Evidently that’s not considered tall as I can stand on the bottom of these pants. Luckily I know how to hem pants!

My favorite chair is a La-Z-Boy club type chair with ottoman that is 20 plus years old. The fabric is worn and the springs are kaput. If you are a long time follower of this blog you know we are fans of good used furniture. I was looking for something to replace that chair and there just aren’t enough people in Montana for there to be a good supply of nice used furniture. New furniture is ridiculously priced. So I decided to find someone to re-upholster my favorite chair and Monday evening we delivered the chair to the person who is going to do the work. I ordered a swatch of fabric for him to approve and now have ordered the fabric.

I want to toot my Mom’s horn. She is in her late 80’s, lives alone, still drives just a bit. Mom lives near my sister and brother so someone is always going and coming at her house. Her credit card expired and for whatever reason the new one didn’t arrive. Mom had called the issuing company twice and felt as if she had gotten nowhere. I became aware of the problem when I tried to order yarn for her using her credit card number and saw it was expired.

To make a long story shorter–the representative at the credit card company taught me something new–you can conference call on a cellphone!! Well, my sweet Mom was on the conference call with the company, the rep required us to repeat back to him a code he would text to Mom. Oh dear!! Mom followed my directions perfectly–put the rep and me on speaker, pushed her “home” button, retrieved the text and read it to the rep. Problem solved and she received her new card the very next day. Yarn ordered. Happy Mom! I find it amazing that she can navigate technology like that!!

And this happened this week–Friday I had my right knee replaced. The Cowboy is being a good nurse, friends and neighbors have stopped by with delicious food. This is the first major surgery I’ve ever had–and it’s a rude awakening! Physical therapy starts tomorrow–things may become even more rude!!!





40 thoughts on “One Smart Mom

  1. OMG!!! You finally bit the bullet!! Good for you!! My doctors are suggesting ankle replacements,ugh!! I hope things go very well for you! Please let your faithful fans know how you are doing!! If we could be there for you I would! Prayers and hugs to you and the Cowboy Nurse!!


  2. How cool that you have an Owl too! Ours has given us two pellets and I’m looking forward to dissecting them to see what he/she has eaten in the last few days! Weird, I know….. I wish you good luck in your recovery and hope it’s quick and easy. I’ts a real pain to have the original equipment fail!


    1. Yes, that’s a good way to put it–my original equipment failed! Our owl left us a pellet and a whole lot of other white goopy stuff on my patio chair–I wasn’t impressed and never thought to look inside the pellet–that thing was huge!!


  3. You saved the biggest news for last! Congratulations on getting your knee surgery behind you. I know you will be diligent with your physical therapy and exercises, and that’s the key to a full recovery (as you know). We have several friends who have had knee replacements and they’re thrilled with the results. So glad you have Michael and good friends looking out for you.

    I always love hearing about your mom. She is such an inspiration!


  4. Well, that makes you more than knee-high to a grasshopper now. All the best in your recovery but that’s a long way to go just to get out of having to drive the tractor or the skid steer:))

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  5. Good job on your mom’s part. You will find that knee replacement is life changing. The first ten days are rough, but after that it improves dramatically. You might even wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. I only did 3 weeks of pt because it was at the height of Covid. You will do great!


  6. So glad you got your knee fixed. Next step is to do all of the PT. And I wouldn’t trust that owl either when we had the doxies. Aren’t people just wonderful.


  7. That’s interesting that the owl is still hanging around. But I, too, would worry about Emmi. She isn’t very big. I was just thinking that I needed to send you a note about when you were having your knee replaced. I knew it was mid Oct. I guess I now know. Good luck with your PT. Sure hope you aren’t in too much pain. As Bill Gravel said when he had both his knees done at the same time, follow all the medication orders even if it doesn’t hurt. This was where we knew my mother wasn’t a candidate for knee replacement. She always feels that she knows more than the doctor and does what she wants. Good to know you have lots of help. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.


  8. Good luck with the knee replacement Janna. Hope you have as good luck as the guy living at this house. He had his done 12/05/2007 and is still going strong. 🤗🤗


  9. Hope your knee replacement recovery goes well – everyone I know who has had it says that once the initial pain goes by the results are wonderful. With your super active lifestyle I’m sure you are well positioned to manage recovery.



  10. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Janna and fingers crossed you are up and at ‘em in record time. A friend just had her second knee done and she is all over the place! Awesome to read the owl is hanging close to home, enjoying your deck and keeping the rodents at bay. I just love owls! And once again, your Mom is my hero and a true champion.


    1. I love reading encouraging stories about successful knees! I’m not running around yet, the pain is quite intense but will abate with time and I will have a new knee. My Mom has so many health problems but she just keeps on going.


  11. That’s wonderful,Janna. You tried everything else but now you have the ultimate success in that replacement. Keep your faithful blog readers in the know.
    You Rock ( as the whippersnappers say)!


  12. Getting caught up (again!) on my blog reading. Your owl is amazing – what a treat indeed. Love the color of that yarn and the very cute little mug. Having good vets nearby is a blessing for sure – something we’re grateful for in Sierra Vista too. My mom used to tell me “I’m not from the ATM generation” but with everything now online or on cell phones it’s wonderful your mom can successfully navigate technology! Hope your recovery is going well. I can’t believe it’s been over ten years since Bill had both his replaced at the same time – something he’s been soooo glad he did every day since.


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