What A Treat

Saturday we were finishing lunch when we noticed Emmi crossing the small front lawn heading to the deck and the french doors of the house. She comes to those glass doors and just sits there until one of us notices her–never barks, never whines, never jumps on the door–just expects us to see her and let her in. The Cowboy had finished eating and headed for the front door, opening it for the princess to enter–I swiveled my head around and immediately said, “look up, look up!!!!”  He was talking to Emmi, looking down at her. This is what I wanted him to see–

The owl sat there for almost an hour, letting me open the front door to take photos, never acting as if he were about to depart. A magpie flew in and sat down beside the owl who swiveled his head, looking down on the magpie who took the hint and quickly departed. What an amazing treat!!

This photo was taken with my iPhone when the owl came back the second time.

It’s been a chilly, damp week in Montana with hard frosts. The dampness has given us some foggy days which make for good photos-

The Cowboy has been working on a big project for a friend/neighbor and of course we spent two days in Billings this week–it’s an absolute impossibility to arrange physician appointments on the same day. On Wednesday I went by myself as all the appointments were for me. The Cowboy never complains if I need to go in a store he no interest in entering but I always feel guilty leaving him sitting in the car. So it was a treat to go to the yarn store and spend all the time I wanted–I joined their knit along for October which happens to be a hat. By joining and purchasing your yarn in their store you get this adorable little mug and the chance to win other prizes.

I’ve been working on another quilt for my friend Jeane and cooking. Making meals for us and freezing a portion for later meals. Taking Emmi for one or two walks per day and exercising some. We purchased a stationary bike and a recumbent bike–used and cheap–just in case boredom sets in which I’m sure it will!

This afternoon Sarge and Sarah came for lunch bearing dessert and a caprese salad. I grilled a tri-tip and made Pioneer Woman’s smashed potatoes. We enjoyed a delightful meal and chatting the afternoon away out on the deck enjoying this gorgeous fall day. Sarah also brought gelato and apple dumplings that were divine–so good!

Life is good!



22 thoughts on “What A Treat

  1. Your owl pictures are amazing! I’ve never seen one so close up before, you captured an amazing moment in time! Thank you!!


  2. I don’t know why Owls are so special to us….but they really are! We still have two here, I expected them to leave when we arrived. We feel privileged to have them share the yard with us. I LOVE those smashed potatoes!


    1. I too love to see and hear the owls–I worry a bit about Emmi but maybe she’s a touch too big for an owl to grab. Now Lewis would have no worries! 🙂 Smashed potatoes are one of my favorites!


  3. Oh my…that is a treat! Seeing owls is a treat & photographing them is definitely icing on the cake! Great photos Janna..keepers for sure! I love the color yarn you chose for your hat.


    1. Seeing the owl that close was an amazing experience! He was on the deck again yesterday morning, then up in a nearby tree. Mike just went outside for a stroll (it’s almost 7am here) and said the owl was in a nearby dead tree. We do wonder if he is eyeing Emmi and we’ve kept a close eye on her.


  4. What a treat indeed! Wow! That owl is spectacular. Your photos are beautiful. Your iPhone photo is so crisp. Hope he visits again. Was he eyeing Emmi by any chance? Love the sun on the fields.


  5. That owl was after your dog. A friend had a hawk try to carry his small dog away last summer. It dropped the dog and the poor dog ended up with a pierced lung and several broken ribs but survived.


  6. Just wanted to add that owls are the number one predator of cats. Small dogs are also fair game. Keep an eye on Emmi until you know the owl is gone.


  7. Owl and small dogs…I agree. It’s unusual to see owls this close to us here, though maybe not there. We have a pair of them around us in the pines at the top edge of our property. They are fun to hear at night, but we sure watch to make sure they don’t carry away our inherited cat!


  8. Emmi must be smaller than I have been imagining? Our “little” dog at 16 pounds is much too large for most raptors to attack. As always your pictures of your local scenery are amazingly beautiful.



  9. Your owl photos are outstanding! He/she must be all puffed up to stay warm in those chilly temps you’re having. I love the yarn you chose for the new hat you’re knitting. That’s a great color for you!


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