That Didn’t Take Long

Sunday evening we had the best time! I outdid myself in the cooking department–even if I do say so! Smoked tri-tips, twice baked potatoes, Caesar salad with homemade dressing (that was divine!), and an apple sharlotka cake for dessert. It was the usual six of us–our safe clan–Louanne and Dan, Linda and Janice. We ate, laughed, talked and repeated. We had so much fun!

Monday we took a drive–I drove this time and we bounced and bumped along some extremely rocky roads when my navigator decided we needed to take the “scenic route.” We were in the area of Fort Bowie–a NPS maintained site. We didn’t stop at the Fort as the Cowboy wasn’t in the mood for walking the required 1.5 miles into the site. Louanne and I will have to do that one. But the scenery was stunning! We drove out into the BLM Indian Bread Rocks site–huge rocks, lots of boondockers, windy and chilly.

Our plan had been to eat at the steakhouse/bar in Bowie where we’ve eaten once before. Nope, closed and for sale–another covid causality! Next choice was the steakhouse in Willcox–nope, closed on Monday. We finally landed at a favorite Mexican restaurant–way too chilly to sit outside. There were only two other diners present as it was 2pm in the afternoon.

Back home I got a good start on that pesky sweater sleeve and am now feeling comfortable with the process. For Christmas the Cowboy gifted me this set of really short stainless steel ChiaoGoo circular knitting needles. When I started using the set I was concerned that my arthritic hands would not be able to hang onto those little short needles. I am having no problems with the needles and I love how easy it makes knitting narrow circumferences in the round.

I’m thinking a new camera may be in my future–my Nikon has a spot on the lens which causes light spots to appear on subjects in certain lighting–you can see the light spot on the sleeve of the sweater.

The Cowboy is in the process of making a bench. In Montana we have a mudroom entry way and he built a beautiful bench for sitting down to remove your shoes. I wanted a smaller bench for the back door entry way into this house–he is delivering!

Remember in a blog post several weeks ago I said the laundry room was the last of the projects for this house remodel and that it could wait, it wasn’t a priority?? On Wednesday the Cowboy started demolition on one half the laundry room–he will mud the drywall and lay the tile floor. When that’s finished we will move the stackable washer/dryer which came with this house out and complete the room. There is also a hot water heater in that room that will have to be moved. So–that didn’t take long!

Friday we made a run to Sierra Vista–Walmart pickup order and a quick dash into Home Depot. We went through the drive through at Culvers and ate in the truck–covid is getting so old!!

Saturday we went to a garage sale where the Cowboy scored some steel fence posts (I don’t like the sound of that!) and grinding wheels. We made a dump run and went down to the Mustang Mall–our only gas station/convenience store and it’s 10 miles one way–to get gas and real tortillas (actually from Mexico).

Fog or funk from the two large dairies over in that valley??



23 thoughts on “That Didn’t Take Long

  1. Kelly and I hiked that long trail into Fort Bowie from the Fort Bowie Trailhead on Apache Pass Road, It’s a great historic hike along the valley floor, From Fort Bowie we hiked back along another trail high atop Overlook Ridge. Great views from along that trail.


    1. Mike doesn’t do much hiking due to an old ankle injury and that day he was wearing cowboy boots–not hiking shoes. I will go back with Louanne or someone that comes to visit and take that hike.


  2. Your knitting is beautiful… such neat and regular stitches! I’m trying to knit up the rest of my fingering (Mad Tosh and Miss Babs) in shawls/scarves. Then I’ve got Elsa Wool worsted for a cardigan, plus some of her fingering to use up. There’s such a large quilt fabric stash, that I’m resisting any more yarn purchases. Sorry to be long winded.. we don’t even know each other, lol. This Covid isolation is the pits!


    1. Thank you so much! I just love knitting with nice yarn–this sweater is Miss Babs Yowsa. I never did have a huge quilt stash but enough fabric in Montana that I should do something with it. I brought a quilting project with me–our daughter in law died in 2014. She left behind several unquilted tops which I’ve now quilted and a little cowboy quilt project with only two of the blocks completed. The fabric pieces are all cut and in plastic bags–now if I can just make sense of the pattern and those pieces I’m going to complete the quilt for her daughters. And we love long winded comments!!


  3. We have to come exploring down your way…what a wonderful Monday! I love those kinds of rides! Yes, your sleeves are so neat…what a thoughtful gift from Michael. You will be done in no time and then you get to model it for us! Please post pictures of your new bench. I have asked Joe to make a small bench for the guest bedroom just in case someone comes to visit with a suitcase. Those are the kinds of projects that are way fun! Tile flooring on the other hand sounds like hard work! I know your laundry room will be totally awesome! Gay

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    1. We would love to have you guys come visit–have you ever been to Whitewater Draw to see the thousands of sandhill cranes? The bench is in its finally drying stage and photos will be posted. That’s a good idea for a guest room–better get the Cowboy going on another one! It’s a small laundry room so hopefully the tile flooring won’t be too hard–then that’s the last of many, many square feet of tile laying!


  4. That light spot you are seeing may be nothing more than a speck of dust or a water spot on your camera lens or on the camera’s mirror if it is a DSLR like the Nikon D5000 you had.


    1. We need to go back out there and explore more–it was such a chilly/windy day that we didn’t tarry long outside the truck. Someone we know also was out there the next day and took photos of some cool “loaves of bread” rock formations that we didn’t see.

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  5. Looks like a fun spot to explore… As you know, we’re on “explore” mode these days! I’d love your recipe for a good caesar salad dressing?


      1. Your dressing is just what I was looking for, it’s really good and really easy! Once the black cloud of Covid lifts, we may just take you up on your offer,,,,we’ve not done much exploring in that area.


  6. So many Covid casualties in restaurants around here as well. But most are still operating, you just never know when they will be open. Every time you talk about your cooking I want to be at your house for dinner! Sounds yummy! Wish you had taken photos of all the boondockers, that would have been interesting. The photos you took were gorgeous. Sometimes gorgeous photos need to be interspersed with some of that stuff you are talking about too! Like dinner!! and boondockers.
    Oh! Your sweater looks great. Makes me want to pick up my knitting again. No clue why I get out of the habit…but I have. Good to hear how things are coming along. Why am I not surprised that the Cowboy is reworking something…again. Take care, Janna


  7. It’s been great weather for Jeep-exploring. We need to get over to the draw and see the cranes – nearly missed them last year! Your sweater is beautiful, love that deep red color. I can’t picture how those little needles even work, but they sure do a great job. I’m not surprised the laundry room is already getting done, unfinished projects tend to nag at us when we can just get them done :-))) We still have a few of those ourselves!


  8. Well, I’ve been buried in trip planning for our summer trip for the last week and am just now emerging to catch up with my blogger friends. We’ll be gone for four months. Exciting and a bit overwhelming, and Magnolia bit the middle out of my Michigan map which didn’t help.

    You guys have been busy! I thought you were going to just kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labors, hahaha!! But projects are fun as long as they’re something you want to do and on your own schedule, right? It’s always so satisfying to create something, and you two are always creating, whether it’s a fabulous meal, a beautiful sweater, or redoing the laundry room. I like following along with your projects. 🙂


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