Dang It’s Cold

Wednesday morning we woke to this-

That’s the coldest temp we’ve experienced in southeast Arizona at 4500 feet elevation.

Tuesday the Cowboy laid tile on the master bathroom floor in preparation for installing the vanity. And on Wednesday we manhandled that heavy vanity into place–it will have a back splash which matches the top, the Cowboy is just not ready to install it.

I wrestled with foam–as in changing out the foam in the cushions of the motorhome. Wow, what a difference new foam made in the couch cushions!! But “wrestling” was the key word–but now it’s done and I’m very happy with the way it “sits!”

When we purchased the Winnebago Aspect motorhome a new mattress was required. We bought a very comfortable memory foam mattress from Costco and stuffed it into the corner bed area of the rig. It fit so tightly, unlike the original mattress, that I could NOT get the bed made. I needed oxygen after trying for 15 minutes to get the sheets around the corners. The mattress fits so tightly there was NO room for your hands. I had a brain storm and asked the Cowboy if he objected to my cutting the memory foam mattress like I cut the foam for the couch cushions. He thought it was a great idea and helped me wrangle that mattress out of its corner into the living area of the motorhome. I found a really sharp knife and went to work. Success, success!! I now no longer need oxygen to make the bed.

Once I had the bed made the loading began. Multiple trips later and the motorhome is close to being ready. I also cooked a bit on Tuesday preparing a pan of lasagna to take with us for sharing. I used this recipe  and when we sampled the lasagna for dinner both of us decided it was the best lasagna we had ever eaten! My niece Niki introduced me to Gaby’s website and Facebook page. The recipe is complicated and time consuming but not hard.

Loading the motorhome was not uneventful–don’t you just love those bag zippers that don’t work!

The Cowboy got a haircut this afternoon, Emmi was bathed and trimmed a bit–I think this gang is ready to roll. We are heading to Congress to visit friends and attend Mike McFall’s memorial service.

A stormy sunset. Monday we finished planting the last of the ten trees we purchased. We are going to have quite the forest when the trees all grow up.


10 thoughts on “Dang It’s Cold

  1. Seeing your temps, as well as those at Quartszite, eases my pain about missing the area this year.
    Though I never met Mike personally, I felt like he was a dear friend from following his blog for many years. He was a good man…jerryc


  2. I believe we were all in the cold but you have the record low so far. We only hit the low 30’s here in Borrego Springs. Thank goodness we have three days in the high 70’s coming. The humidity is so low that even a gentle breeze is cold. Yesterday was a negative dew point. Glad you got the mattress fixed. Making the bed in a smaller space doesn’t need any unnecessary obstacles. Your trees look great! Can’t wait to see them in a few years. Have a safe trip to Congress with the MH.


  3. Where was Emmi? She would have helped you clean up that mess in a hurry. 😁 I wear out changing our sheets and I have a walk around (sort of) and Jim. Mike was one of the good ones.


  4. Made me laugh about changing the bed. My experience exactly. we had a new mattress especially made for our rig a few years ago. The makers made very careful measurements, and no one thought about the issue of making the bed. No room for a hand to tuck a sheet, and with a real mattress, not enough flexibility either. Makes me completely crazy. but I can’t justify paying for another mattress, and I can’t slice it up either. Sigh. Looks like it might be colder in your world than back in Montana, minus the snow. I remember how snow always seemed to warm things up a bit even when it was cold. Some sort of insulating factor I guess. I always hated being in snow country with no snow.


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