Busy, Busy Season

Wednesday night I arrived in Little Rock and stayed in a hotel in downtown Little Rock on the Arkansas River. My sweet niece retrieved me on Thursday morning. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Samantha’s and headed for home to see Mom and Chuck and the rest of the gang. My sister Ann and her husband Danny live right across the road from Mom and Chuck–there is always someone coming and going from both houses–for me a large part of the joy of being home.

Arkansas River bridge from my hotel room Thursday morning.

Bright and early Friday morning Danny and Ann headed to Little Rock for some last minute shopping. One of my jobs while in Arkansas is to help Chuck with some VA paperwork–we tackled that chore Friday morning. I also baked some for Ann–cookies and some candies we all love–some people call the chocolate, caramel, pecan delights “millionaires” or “turtles.” Whatever the name, they are delicious and addictive! My dear friend Gina taught me how to make them one year while we were visiting in Louisiana.

More Arkansas River bridges.

My brother-in-law pastors the church I grew up attending. I played the piano for many a service in that church. Being a pastor adds much to the holiday season and this year is no exception. There was a funeral Saturday and the church members provided lunch for the family which involved more cooking. Sunday evening the children’s program involves a live nativity scene at the home of Danny and Ann followed by soups and other goodies at their house. More cooking. And of course we sample all that cooking.

Sunset on Barnes Hill.

And we haven’t even started the actual Christmas Eve and Day cooking! Sunday Mom and I attended church with Danny, Ann and family–the choir performed a beautiful Christmas cantata. Back home my brother Ross and his family prepared a fine southern meal for us–fried catfish, hushpuppies, french fries and baked beans–delicious. We’ve spent the afternoon getting ready for the church youth and their families to arrive–soups, dips, cookies, and the list goes on and on. I am gaining weight just looking at all this food!

Life is good on Barnes Hill!

PawPaw and Elizabeth hanging Christmas lights.

Ann cooking the bacon outside.Another gorgeous sunset.


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