Merry Christmas

Wishing all our friends and family a Merry, Merry Christmas. We haven’t slowed, not one bit except for this afternoon. We are typing blogs, surfing the internet, sending Christmas wishes and relaxing. Whew–we’ve been busy!

My sister Ann has a stitching project this afternoon.

Monday was spent with more cooking, cleaning and visiting. Our Chuck’s (Mom’s husband) health is extremely precarious at this point in time so we’ve been spending lots of time with him and our Mom. Niki and I made a trip to Benton–oh my was the traffic horrendous! We just needed a couple things and it was a quick trip.

Christmas Eve during the day we cooked and readied everything for our evening celebration at Mom and Chuck’s. We enjoyed a delicious ham gifted to Danny and Ann by a 90 year old church member who still works almost full time at the local Walmart. The ham was smoked by a local restaurant and we accompanied it with various sides and desserts. Everything was so good! There were 15 of us gathered together.

Chuck also had surprise visitors on Christmas Eve morning. In 2013-2014 the Cowboy and Chuck worked for Rollie in south Texas. The Cowboy on the oil rig being constructed and Chuck drove a van which transported workers from the offices out to the rig. Rollie and Gina were visiting their daughter and family who live only about 45 minutes from my family. It was so good to see them and Chuck was very surprised and also very glad to see the two of them. When we met Gina and Rollie in 2010 they had no grandchildren. Now nine years later they have nine grandchildren.  Gina and Rollie’s two daughters and families were together for Christmas and their seven beautiful children are pictured with Gina and Rollie. The other two beautiful kiddos belong to Gina and Rollie’s son who is a state trooper and because he had to work over Christmas couldn’t join the rest of the family.

Christmas Day morning we traveled about a mile and a half to the home of my niece Niki–she is Danny and Ann’s only child and we love her and her family to pieces! Niki and gang had made breakfast for us–lots of breakfast–we do eat well in our family! We watched the family open their Christmas presents and just enjoyed being together.

Santa brought both girls “screen glasses” to protect their eyes against the glare of the screens in which their heads are always buried!😝 Niki, Leah and Elizabeth.

Christmas Eve would have been our Dad’s 91rst birthday–he died in 2002–and we miss him greatly.

The Cowboy and Emmi had some Christmas Day visitors in Arizona and one, Linda, even came bearing food gifts! He has talked on the phone with his family and me–all is good in Arizona.

Mom called mid afternoon very excited–a bald eagle had landed just outside her yard fence–she lives just across the street from Danny and Ann. It had flown but we all jumped into the car and drove down the road to see if we could find him–and we did!! Twice!! What a wonderful sight!

Ann and I have managed to take a couple really good walks and always have to stop to give my brother Ross’ horses some treats. As our blogging friend Judy used to say, The End.




8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. My grandmother was born and raised in Benton. Her father was the town doctor in the 1890’s and they lived in a two story house with a big porch on the edge of downtown. The house was still there last I looked and there are probably still some distant cousins living in Benton today. My mother inherited a share in a building on Market St. in the 1980’s. Not much going on downtown back then.

    We went to a family reunion in the late 80’s held at DeGray State Park. Took a side trip to Hot Springs. The country is beautiful but pieces of metal roof caught in trees from a tornado were enough to convince me not to move there!


    1. That’s an amazing story! Thanks you for taking the time to comment. Benton is growing by leaps and bounds and the traffic is miserable. We spent lots of time on Lake Degray. And yes, I’m not sure I want to live where tornadoes are common occurrences!


  2. I have enjoyed reading all about your family and your Christmas…large families and special days sure make for fond memories. What a nice surprise to see the eagle! Gay


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