A Busy Few Days

I will warn you–this is a photo laden post!

The rain started Wednesday night and continued almost all night into Thanksgiving Day. The rain stopped long enough for us to get to Dan and Louanne’s for Thanksgiving lunch mid afternoon on Thursday. We even enjoyed this beautiful sunset. Friday morning heavy clouds hung in the sky and we could see snow on mountains.

By noon Friday it was pouring rain again and when it finally stopped in the late afternoon we had over three inches in the gauge! Amazing!!

Thanksgiving lunch at Dan and Louanne’s was wonderful. Dan’s turkey was great and all the other food contributions were fantastic! As usual it was a good group of people and we had a spectacular time.

Two to three years ago the Cowboy changed the battery in my iPhone 6. For a while the new battery worked well but lately it would not hold a charge even with very little use. So, the cowboy decided to be brave once again and changed the battery–the jury is still out on if it helped or not.  What is it with iPhone 6s???

Friday I cleaned and then decorated the house for Christmas putting up the tree and hanging Christmas quilts. We look very festive! Saturday we needed a Home Depot run and headed to Sierra Vista. We are big fans of Walmart grocery pickup and now we are HUGE fans of Home Depot pickup. The Cowboy sat at his computer Friday, entered his order and paid for it online. Saturday he went in the store to the customer service desk with his printed receipt and a few minutes later our stuff was being loaded into the truck. Amazing!!!  Walmart pickup for groceries, a quick stop at Lowes and we were on our way home.

Saturday evening we attended with Louanne and Dan the local library fundraising dinner and auction. It was a very crowded community center but the food was good and we enjoyed the evening. Sunday it was church and stove installation day. The Cowboy worked so hard today but at about 5pm he was building a small fire in the stove–installation successful!

The next two photos are of the San Pedro River on Charleston Road on Saturday after all the rain. There is usually just a trickle, if that, of water in the river bottom.

The Chiricahua Mountains topped with snow.

On Saturday water was still running across the highway in several places. From the debris you could see the water had been much higher on Thursday and Friday. Warnings are issued during every Arizona rainstorm–“turn around, don’t drown,” yet often during one of these storms someone will drown trying to drive across during high water. Sadly it happened during this storm.

12 thoughts on “A Busy Few Days

  1. Gorgeous pictures!
    Thanksgiving with friends is so fun. We do it on Thanksgiving day and a family one on Saturday. Taking time to give thanks just adds to the day


  2. Your photos this time are truly spectacular. We will have to check out the home depot pickup service. I hate trying to find stuff there. Nice looking bunch for Thanksgiving.


  3. I agree…I love all the photos! Sounds like a very nice Thanksgiving Day & weekend. I happy to read about all the rain in the desert. It will sure help for gorgeous spring flowers. Joe didn’t have such a good experience changing the battery on my IPhone 6…it caught on fire on the kitchen table!


    1. Oh dear!!! This battery change was not as easy as the first one but it’s done. Next time–new phone. A local told us, “never, ever complain about rain in the desert.” And we don’t–we will have gorgeous spring flowers I’m betting!


  4. Your pictures are breathtaking! Arizona has the prettiest skies.
    About your phone battery, I thought I would lose all
    memory if the battery was removed and changed out.
    I’m having the same trouble with my ‘6’. Of course, it is 3 years
    or more older. I think these phones are designed to last only
    so long so we will buy again!!


    1. Thank you Linda–we do have beautiful skies in Arizona! As for the battery–I backed up my phone just in case my phone mechanic was having a bad day but when the new battery went in, everything was totally as it was–contacts, photos, etc. The phones must have some sort of internal battery which maintains your data when the battery is changed. My phone is also 3 or more years old but iPhone 6s are notorious for their bad batteries. And I think you are right about phones, iPads, etc. being designed to only last so long so we have to buy another one!


  5. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving with friends. It’s nice when you don’t have to make the entire meal. We’ve had so much rain, as well. I can only imagine the amount of rain you received since we watch most of the rain just passing to the east and covering AZ. Our pool has filled to the tippy top twice, and we are expecting more tomorrow…ugh!! You get beautiful sunsets with your rain. We rarely get much in the way of sunsets. But our mountains all have snow and are so pretty. Love Michael’s stove!!


    1. I was surprised to look at our weather forecast and see rain again! Yes, our clouds do bring beautiful sunsets and the mountains are gorgeous right now. We are loving that little stove with this cooler weather!

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