Exciting Stuff

Not really–painting, plumbing, hanging drywall and cement board–not very exciting. But the new stove works so well–the Cowboy built a fire Monday morning and had the house toasty warm. I marvel frequently at the talents my husband possesses asking him how he learned to do all the stuff he can do. Build stoves (he thinks he’s built right at 300 stoves over the years), remove engines from vehicles and replace them–and the vehicle runs!! Fix leaking coffeepots, change batteries in iPhones, lay tile and make it look professional. For years he kept our ancient haying equipment running and still keeps our tractors going–and they are really ancient! Built houses from the ground up. The list goes on and on! When we met, the Cowboy was really into electronics, installing those huge, flying saucer type satellite dishes for customers and then moved into the smaller dishes more common today. He is an excellent welder, plumber and electrician. The Cowboy and I owned an excavating business–installing septic tanks, building roads, digging basements, etc. Everything he does is self taught and then to top it off, he can add a list of numbers in his head faster than I can find the calculator!

Monday I was re-hanging a Christmas quilt. The quilt is too heavy for the rod I was using and kept slipping down the wall. I have two of those “Hang-It, Dang It” quilt hangers and would like to have another one or two but “dang it” those things are pricey.  Thirty five dollars for a small rod and accompanying plastic hanger is a bit much! So, my Cowboy to the rescue! He pulled a piece of copper pipe out of his “treasure pile”, cut it to length and handed me this fitting–

Pipe and the fitting encased in the sleeve on the quilt’s back.

And wal-la–my quilt is hanging!! Such a smart husband I have! I need to figure out how to store quilts so that crease in the middle doesn’t happen. When we left last spring I laid all the quilts flat on the bed and covered them with a sheet. But, when we got back this fall we had to sleep somewhere, so the quilts were folded and put in the closet. And even though I put extra quilts in the middle and folded this one around them, this Christmas quilt has a crease.

Another of my favorite Christmas quilts–hanging on one of those “hang it, dang it” rods. The nativity scene in the lower left I have had for 43 or so years. It escaped our fire in September, 2000.

Tuesday I finished painting the bedroom–it’s painted, ready for flooring and trim.

And on Wednesday, the Cowboy began laying tile in the bedroom. So exciting!!!

Laci, Lora, and I’m not sure who the little boy belongs to–enjoying the cookies I sent to Germany. It amazes me how quickly stuff travels to Germany via the USPS one rate boxes.

Wednesday we had rain squalls and rainbows. This was taken outside our little grocery store with my iPhone.

Emmi and I never tire of this view on our morning walks. Nor this view with the snow so bright on top of the mountains–that’s a good place for snow–on top of the mountain.

22 thoughts on “Exciting Stuff

  1. Your quilts are just beautiful, Janna. I love when you share your beauties. Of course, Michael came up with a solution for hanging that heavy quilt. He is a master with his hands. Such a wonderful, talented man. Yes! One painted room!! We say the same thing as we head out to walk to Starbucks, or drive anywhere…We never tire of our views. And I agree, the snow is right where it belongs!


  2. Hi folks still love all the projects & talents plus both regions where you reside.Bet that bright husband has some 3/4 in pvc pipe that could be made appropriate length to drape the quilts over- no fold marks.All the very best


    1. Alan–he has thought of that PVC pipe idea but then where do you store 48 inches of PVC pipe (one of those quilts in the photos is 48 inches wide). When we move to the main house and have more room it will be possible. Thanks for reading along with us.


  3. Your Christmas quilts are beautiful Janna. I can’t imagine the time and patience spent making them. Maybe there is a way to roll the quilts and slip them in a plastic bag for protection. Gay


    1. That’s the plan Gay when we have a bit more closet space–as when we move over into the main house. And plastic bags are a no-no for quilts. Better to wrap them in other fabric.


      1. Thanks for telling me about the plastic bags Janna. I have a few quilts that have been handed down from years ago…👍


      2. I wrap my quilts in muslins cases I make. I know everyone seems to have “a better idea” just like the old Ford commercial.


  4. Your Cowboy can keep those old tractors running simply because they are old! The new ones are all computerized and the manufacturers like to make sure that no one can do anything on them except certified technicians at the dealerships. So it costs an arm & a leg to get anything repaired.

    Packages probably get to Germany faster than they get from town to town around here. Actually it can take at least three days to get a letter to someone across town. Anything we mail at the local PO has to go to a town 60 miles away, then to Omaha, back to the town 60 miles away and then, finally, to the final destination, even if that is to a box at our local Post Office where we mailed it in the first place. Pretty inefficient system if you ask me.


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