And Another Trip To Billings

It’s that time of year–dentist, dermatologist, mammogram, haircuts, etc.  Today it was the dermatologist and the Cowboy will look as if he has chicken pox soon–freezing lots of pre-cancer lesions and three biopsies.  And a lecture–the Cowboy hasn’t seen the dermatologist in too long–so now he gets to go more frequently than before!

We had a great lunch at CJ’s and went to Costco for just a few things–when you get out of Costco for less than $200 it’s a good day!

These two will soon be in Montana–isn’t this a beautiful photo of Lora and Laci!!

Image may contain: 2 people, including Laci Fox, people smiling, child, closeup and outdoor

Our forecast for tonight and tomorrow is for heavy rain, possible hail and high winds.  The rivers and creeks are running full–the Yellowstone River is wide and muddy.  We are in no danger of flooding but low lying areas near the rivers/creeks could flood.

Do you make lists?  I’m a list maker and most mornings I make a list of things I want to accomplish during the day.  The list might include “call Barb” or “change appointments” along with things like “bathe Emmi.”  Yesterday’s list was a full page long and I didn’t think there was even the slimmest chance I would complete the whole list–but I did and even added in a bit of mowing which wasn’t on the list.  I only had to move one thing from the original list–“change appointments” to another list.

I bathed Emmi, trimmed Emmi, cut the Cowboy’s hair, baked granola, cleaned all the bathrooms and vacuumed the whole house, ground coffee, sprayed weeds, etc. plus I fed us twice.  I’m thinking I put in a good day’s work!

14 thoughts on “And Another Trip To Billings

    1. I was tired but we had a day off yesterday–an easy day in Billings, we will have another easy day today–it’s raining and we have big plans for the weekend–Kristen graduates from high school so lots of celebrations.


  1. Yep, I’m Aa list maker too. After 25 years f writing lesson plans it just comes naturally. I fen use a lesson plan book so I can document when things get done. Yes, that means I also have a paper trail.


  2. Your list was missing one very important activity…reading!! That is way too much work for retirement. I’m struggling with finding time to just clean the toilets! Haha! I start my day here at the house with the reading out back by the pool with my coffee. Sometimes it gets away from me. The other day it was 11:00 and I still wasn’t dressed!!! I did make breakfast for myself, though. I think this is why I love living in the MH so much…so little work:) The photo of Lora and Laci is beautiful. It will be wonderful to see them home from Germany for a visit. Now sit down and take a rest!!! Kick back!


    1. Funny you should say that, I almost didn’t write a blog last night–didn’t think there was anything to talk about but I start writing and pretty soon I have a blog!


  3. Every 6 months off to the skin doc lady….Burns..cuts..freezes..Paying the price for living in the great outdoors…Staying alive…
    Wouldn’t trade my past life to working in a cubicle…
    Shoot just today watching my river blasting and the smell of the pine needles toasting in the 80* temps..
    I’m pretty sure you and the cowpoke know what I’m talking about…
    Take Care…


  4. Bill is finally making a dermatologist appointment this visit. Hope it’s not full of bad news! Beautiful photo of the girls. I’m definitely a list maker or I’d never remember the little things. Love checking things off!!


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