A Birthday

Tuesday night it started raining and it rained through most of Wednesday.  Add that to all ready high rivers and creeks due to snow melt and you have flooding.  The Yellowstone River breached its banks Thursday afternoon near Big Timber.  The Boulder River is also out of its banks in lower lying areas.  This video was taken from up in our hay fields over one mile from the river–turn up the sound, the river is roaring!

Wednesday the Emmi girl had a routine veterinarian appointment and while in town we stopped at Nat’s to repair a window blind.  If you need window shades–buy Hunter Douglas.  Nat has two huge windows which overlook the Crazy Mountains and the shades are high quality Hunter Douglas.  The people who originally built this house kept a notebook with all kinds of documentation–brand/color of carpet, tile brand and color, manuals for everything, etc.  plus a manual for Hunter Douglas window shades.

When the first cord broke I contacted Hunter Douglas, gave them the name of the shades from the manual and soon we had a new cord–free!  These shades have to be 20+ years old but parts are always free.  When I called to order another cord they had our information in the system and we received another cord–free!

Today is Nat’s 96th birthday.  We took birthday lunch to him as his caretaker Barb is a bit under the weather at this time.  Nat is frail but his mind is still very sharp and we enjoyed spending his birthday with him.  And we all really enjoyed his birthday cake and the homemade strawberry ice cream!

Here’s how you move trailers around when it’s too muddy to drive the truck–the Cowboy ordered a batch of steel from a company in Billings.  This company delivers to the platinum mine which is just up the road from us about nine miles.  They call the Cowboy when leaving Big Timber and he meets them down by the country road where they off load his order before going on to the mine.

The first two photos are the main Boulder River.  The last photo is the East Boulder–all the rivers are muddy and rolling fast!

13 thoughts on “A Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to Nat! Lots of water this time of year. While the rivers are running high, at least you can be thankful to have the water. It’s great to see so much snow melt. Some areas are really suffering with no rain or snow melt. Poor Arizona!


  2. A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH to you,NAT 🎉🎁🎈🍓🍦🎂🎈🍭 All the best for the year to come !


  3. That’s some powerful water to hear so far away! Beautiful photos of the mountains and green hills. The cake looks scrumptious – so wonderful to still be sharing birthdays with Nat 🙂 So much water – hope none of the properties are damaged!


  4. That cake sure looks good! Now don’t worry about Az getting rain. Unless it’s different this year we will have plenty. The weather here in Tombstone is still beautiful. Not hot yet.


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