Easter Sunday

We’ve had a great Easter Sunday–the Cowboy and I went to church where we enjoyed a fabulous potluck breakfast, then church with some fantastic music and back home.  Mid afternoon I grilled steaks for our Easter late lunch/early dinner.  Joanie who plays the piano so well at our church can sing like an angel.  Her husband has a fabulous voice too but their daughter–oh, my goodness–what a voice!  Right before communion we always sing The Lord’s Prayer.  This song has some powerful high notes and when those two ladies hit those notes I get goose bumps–amazing!!

Here are some beautiful Arkansas Easter bunnies–I miss my family so much on this holiday!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing

And some Montana Easter bunnies–aren’t they just the cutest!!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and baby

The weather in Montana has been frightful–8 degrees yesterday morning and 11 degrees Easter Sunday morning.  And snow.  The below photo is of the Montana State University football field ready for the afternoon Easter egg hunt–in the snow–only in Montana!

Image may contain: one or more people, stadium, crowd and outdoorPhoto from the Distinctly Montana Facebook page.

The Cowboy has done some more demolition on the roof of the main house–

and he has started assembling all the parts for the burying of the power lines.My frugal Cowboy is a happy camper–the grey box in front of him is a “main breaker meter panel” and purchase price is usually about $150.  The Cowboy found a “cosmetically damaged” panel on Amazon for $57!–it was returnable in case it was too damaged so he ordered the panel and it arrived Friday.  It has two tiny scratches–that’s it and was a third the cost of a new one!  We are thinking a panel which sits outside in the sun/elements doesn’t need to be “cosmetically” perfect!

We are not fans of mesquite trees but this place needs trees–so I I worked out in the “yard” on Saturday cleaning away all the debris from under a couple small mesquite trees then watered them slowly for several hours.  In the process I saw several tarantula holes in the ground–After church I took this photo–the dang tarantula was right there and scooted back down his hole–I shrieked and jumped of course!

We hope you all had a blessed Easter!

10 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. So do try and get read of the tarantulas and if you try how do you do it. They would send me packing . Good luck with what ever you do or don’t do .


  2. Darling Easter cuties! Wonderful that Michael found such a great deal on the box – every deal makes a difference 🙂 Tarantulas are docile and great for keeping bugs away, I’d love having a few in the garden.


  3. Thank you for ending w/the tarantula hole. I would never have read further if you lead with it! I am the type that curls up in the fetal position when a spider presents itself!!
    I LOVE the picture of the Easter Bunnies…and of course the egg hunt looks like it’ll be chilly. But I’m sure the kids had fun.
    ~ Linda K.


  4. The tarantulas may be docile but some how I would be tempted to spray around my house. Finding one inside would be scary! Lol
    I like to hear about the bargains you both find……love the hunt for one !


    1. My dogs discovered a tarantula behind my refrigerator when I lived in Austin, Texas. I sat on a stool near the refrigerator for quite some time so I could see if that dang spider left his spot–until my husband came home and captured him.


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