Never Ending Roof Work

Right before sunset.

Or so it seems, the roof work is never ending.  I guess when you are a one man crew with the occasional helper, it takes a while!  I have become just a tad braver about climbing the ladder as long as the Cowboy is there to help me with that first step from ladder to roof.  When he has a large piece of OSB board I am called to duty, especially if it’s windy.

Otherwise it’s just routine chores for me.  I did paint door trim yesterday and there are doors to paint but I hate to take the Cowboy away from roof work–he has to remove the doors for me so I can paint them laying flat–doors may have to wait until next season.

He is making progress! Above is today’s photo and the below photo was taken two days ago.

And in spite of the hurricane we had Monday, the Cowboy stayed on the roof all day.  The wind howled even over into the wee hours of the morning–lots of bangs and creaks going on.

Sunset Monday evening was great thanks to all the dust the wind generated.

Moon going down over the Dragoons.

10 thoughts on “Never Ending Roof Work

  1. The main house roof line is looking great! I just love the southwest style. Michael is moving right along for a 1 1/2 person crew:) You could have been writing about our weather and sunset Monday. Our wind gusts were continuous and so strong we put our satellite dish down. Sure made for the most interesting sunset.


  2. I get the vision of the finished look for
    the house. So very nice!
    All the labor is paying off.
    Are you going to live there or
    is this a flip? Should have been filming
    it all along ! Great TV appeal.


    1. Another person asked that question and here was my answer, “not with this wife!” 🙂 🙂 No, this wasn’t planned as a flip, we are going to live in the main house and use the rest of it as a guest house/quilt studio.


  3. The Cowboy is brave up there in all that wind! Both of you please be careful. It is looking amazing. I have always loved the Southwest style.
    Your pics are gorgeous!


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