Montana Visitors

Wednesday we took a day off and traveled to Douglas, AZ and the Parkland Tree Farm & Nursery.  We purchased eleven small trees and two shrubs.  The day off ended at home when it was time to get those trees in the ground.  The Eldarica pines are about eighteen inches tall and the Japanese Privet trees are about two feet tall.  The pines are predicted to grow four feet per year!  We also planted two good size Pink Lady apple trees–sure hope all the trees survive.

We enjoyed a great lunch in Douglas and made a Walmart stop.  Thursday we had visitors from Montana–our friends Jill and Terry plus Jill’s sister Mary who has rented a park model in a Tucson park for a couple months. I had a hunk of prime rib in the freezer and decided to cook it using the method which was all over Facebook during the holidays.  Jill used the recipe for her Christmas prime rib and it worked well.  The recipe has a butter and herb rub then the oven is heated to 500 degrees.  The meat should be cooked for five minutes per pound–yep, five minutes per pound.  I cooked my three pound prime rib roast for fifteen minutes at 500 degrees.  The meat remains in the oven but you then turn off the oven and leave the door closed–no peeking–for two hours.  The prime rib was absolutely perfect!!  Here is the full recipe.

It was great to see our friends and we spent a fun afternoon visiting with a short Sunsites/Pearce tour thrown in.

I tried a new hairdresser today and so far so good–time will tell.

And I identified another bird today using the Merlin app–a ladderback woodpecker–And now for some grand baby photos–they continue to grow like weeds!

Image may contain: 1 person, sittingBrooks

Image may contain: 1 person, babyMillee

Image may contain: 1 personand our diva–I think Lora is saying, “Mom, I’m busy, stop taking my photo!!!”

Arizona as well as the rest of the country has been experiencing some chilly temps–this was a couple days ago but it was also 28 degrees this morning.  Not as bad as in Arkansas where my family lives, they had 3 degrees one morning this week!!

4 thoughts on “Montana Visitors

  1. Hope all your new trees make it. At least you will be there for awhile to help them get a good start:) The prime rib roast cooking sounds interesting. Good to know it worked! The grandchildren are growing like weeds! So adorable:)


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