A Long, Long Day

This was my first indication that it might be a looooong day of travel–notice the gate sign–flight from Tucson to Houston was delayed by 1 1/2 hours. Of course I missed my connection from Houston to Little Rock. I was OK with this delay–it was due to weather–I wasn’t happy with the next delay. I settled in for my three hour wait for the next flight to Little Rock at 8pm. At about 7pm my phone dinged with a message from United–my 8pm flight was cancelled–no crew. So, United, you are telling this plane full of tired people you didn’t know until one hour before this flight was due to depart there was no crew?? Next flight would depart at 12:30am!! Arrival in Little Rock at 2am–oh joy!! My poor sister and brother-in-law were retrieving me at the airport. We hit the beds at 3am–thanks United–I will see if I can avoid travel on your airline!

Danny and Ann made it to church this morning–Danny is the minister so he was kind of essential🙂! After church the gang gathered at Danny and Ann’s–their daughter Niki had made birthday lunch for her mom–the reason for my visit. Ann is celebrating a big birthday–one of those zero birthdays!!

We’ve spent the day eating and visiting. We found a house for our Outer Banks trip and initiated the reservation with VRBO. It’s always such a joy for me to be here with my family–my sister and Danny have a beautiful, comfortable home which is always welcoming. My great niece Elizabeth is a homecoming maid Monday evening–more cause for celebration!

Looking for Outer Banks rentals. Their internet connection is awful through AT&T Cellular–makes me very grateful for our DSL Internet at both homes.

Mike and Emmi are holding down the fort in Arizona. I will head home on Wednesday, hopefully with better travel luck.

3 thoughts on “A Long, Long Day

  1. So nice you have some time with your family! Eat lots of cake!! And they can keep the snow I see through the window! Safe travels back home!


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