Just A Great Day

First off some grandchildren photos which in itself makes for a great day!–Brooks loves books–his teacher mom is seeing to that!

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingAnd our little ham, Lora in Germany.  And Katie, Mike, Brooks and Millee–

Sunday morning Ainslie and Beryl accompanied us to church where we were delighted by a visiting family–singing and playing blue grass music–the talent of the parents and their children was amazing!  After church Ainslie treated us to “brunch” at Sandy’s–a very, very busy local restaurant.  A great day!

We’ve now spent two nights in the house and with the low temps (23 degrees!!)  we experienced Friday and Saturday morning that’s a good thing!  The tile floor in the small bedroom looks great as do the two beat up twin beds we resurrected–photos soon.

Sergio and crew didn’t work Thursday but were here bright and early Friday morning and by evening we had this–What a difference just the concrete made in the appearance of our little guest house–the wooden beam across the front is where the porch roof will attach.  The two colors of cement will go on in about ten days after this cement “cures.” The “bump outs” around each window and door will be a darker color than the rest of the house.

Saturday Ainslie and the Cowboy laid cement board over one half the living/dining area while I painted and painted some more.  Today, Sunday we decided it was a day of rest and did NO reconstruction work!  Unless you count the Cowboy trying to repair a Cuisinart coffeemaker–it’s amazing what you can learn on the internet!!! And he will probably be successful–he ordered the hose for the repair from Amazon!

In the evening we decided construction zone or not, we needed Christmas decorations–we came to an executive decision.  For the time being we won’t finish the flooring in the living/dining area–the Cowboy will move floor reconstruction to the larger bedroom and closet.  Out came the decorations and a big huge box the Cowboy picked up in Sierra Vista week before last–

And we have decorations–I have more to do such as a tree skirt, etc. but for now this fills the bill!

Just a great day!



10 thoughts on “Just A Great Day

  1. Amazing transformation. Bravo !
    I know it must be comforting to have a
    few rooms cozy and comfortable.
    You call this the guest house, is the
    other house larger and eventually
    it will be the main residence on the property…… Your home?


    1. It is cozy and comfortable albeit a little dusty Linda. The real estate ads for this place named the smaller of the two houses the “guest house” and it stuck. It is only 900 square feet–most guest houses lack full kitchens but our guests will be able to prepare full meals if they so wish! Our hope is to take the main house and make it “ours.”


  2. The adobe style is my favorite and your little house looks wonderful!! What an amazing difference from the weed-filled lot and the run down buildings of last year. How fun to have Christmas in your new home.


  3. You all are doing a Beautiful job on the house. I love watching the transformation! Thank you for taking the time to share!


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