Even Though We Are Hard At Work

Even though we are working so hard, life is good.  I have a back ache from picking up 50 pound propane tanks–the older guy who filled them said, “sure hope you can load these because I can’t!”  Wish he had told me before he started filling–those dang bottles were heavy!  I came home and told the Cowboy I wasn’t doing the propane run any longer!  But life is still good!

Seattle will finish the drywall Friday and maybe the amount of dust will lessen.  The Cowboy and Ainsley grouted the tile in the small bedroom today.  I painted the twin bed rails, headboards and foot boards plus I painted the larger bedroom ceiling with primer.

It rained a very small amount Tuesday night but enough to keep the stucco guys from starting the concrete work.  It rained again this morning and was miserably chilly/windy all day–our high was 47 degrees!!!–so no stucco work.  We are to experience our first freezing temps tonight–I have to keep reminding myself–it is winter even if we are in the desert!

The national Christmas tree in Washington, DC came all the way from Montana–I borrowed this photo from the KTVQ/Billings Facebook page.

This afternoon after we finished our chores we all took a drive into the little community of Sunsites–we drove by some of the less expensive houses for sale, visited both Dollar stores and ended the evening at the local bar for drinks and dinner.  Back home we went our separate ways–I’m thinking it’s going to be really cold tonight!

Tuesday night our poor UPS man delivered packages to us at 9pm!!  Poor Paul–I baked cookies yesterday so if he comes that late again he will get treats!

And speaking of treats–Ainsley made clam chowder yesterday–it is the best we’ve ever eaten!!  We enjoyed the chowder with homemade bread–we are eating like kings–Ainsley is cooking again on Saturday, he is smoking a pork shoulder–see, life is good!

10 thoughts on “Even Though We Are Hard At Work

  1. I saw some pictures of snow over that way this morning, it was cool here at Gunsight Wash but no snow, just a cool wind coming all the way down from Montana. Warmer at Dogpound North today than in Arizona I think.


  2. The closer you get to the end the more those delays make you crazy!! Good to have a private chef to keep you going though 🙂 I don’t think it’s ever going to get cold in L.A. County – but here in Mojave this week we’re supposed finally see nights in the mid-thirties. Love chilly nights for sleeping!


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