Five Trips In One Week

We like to go as much as the next person but good grief, five trips to Sierra Vista in less than a week was about four too many!  Tuesday we had to go get more drywall mud for Seattle and we chose flooring.  Wednesday I returned that chosen flooring and purchased the tile.  Thursday the Cowboy went back for the flooring materials which wouldn’t fit on the truck Wednesday due to weight.  Friday we stayed home.  Saturday I was back in the truck–we made the mistake of perusing Craigslist too much!  I found a pair of twin beds in Bisbee and a couch in Sierra Vista.  It’s a long way around from Pearce to Bisbee to Sierra Vista and back to Pearce!  The twin beds were great–nice wood, beat up a bit but I’m going to paint them a dark gray.  The couch was almost new but it belonged to a single woman so we had no men/cowboys to help us load it–I gave her a down payment and promised to return next week.  Then I had another awesome experience in Home Depot–NOT!

Well, I thought we were going to church this morning but the Cowboy called me outside and asked if I would mind if the porch roof was a few feet shorter–seems someone measured wrong (and it wasn’t me!) and the flashing I bought at Home Depot on Saturday was a touch short.  I think he was teasing about the porch roof being shorter but my reply was, “of course I mind!!”

So I went to church while he did some other chores.  We had a quick lunch of that delicious chili and then headed to Sierra Vista.  I notified the woman with the couch we were on our way so at least we killed two birds with one stone/trip! 🙂

This is the couch, the photo was taken by the seller. I declined to purchase the matching rug! 🙂

So, we are finally home again and unloaded.  Seattle should be finished this week, Sergio and crew come tomorrow to start the stucco work–thus the quick trip to Home Depot today!–and we have guests arriving.  Never a dull moment around here!

The resident owl swooped down and landed on a nearby power pole–

And tonight’s super moon is stunning–

14 thoughts on “Five Trips In One Week

    1. We do keep a VERY close eye on Emmi when the owls are out–they get really close to the house up on our power poles. The neighbors have a wandering chihuahua and every time I see it I think–you people better pay closer attention to that dog or he is going to be owl supper!


  1. I’m tired just reading about all this driving! Love the “new” sofa:) Thanks for the beautiful moon photo. I watched it come up over the park but my point and shoot camera doesn’t take good moon photos.


    1. It’s a beautiful drive over to Sierra Vista but after five trips even the view was dimming! My camera is a Nikon P600 point and shoot but the settings can also be changed in a “manual” mode–I love it unlike that DSLR I had for a while!


  2. Sofa is great, good pick.
    I’m also tired just reading about
    your travels and company in the
    middle of everything would send me
    in a tizzy. 😂
    Yes, you are the energizer bunny!


    1. But they are easy keeper visitors–Ainsley cooks (he makes the best clam chowder!) and wants to help the Cowboy with some projects. His wife Beryl doesn’t expect to be entertained–they are good company to have in the midst of a remodel! They are on their way to Mexico for the winter.


  3. I guess since you’ll have to be grateful you’re not doing all that driving in the snow 🙂 Great looking couch – love the color! Having the dry wall done has to feel like you’re sooooo close to the fun part (decorating!) Beautiful moon!!!


  4. It seems every time I read one of your posts I have to go and lie down for a rest. You guys are tiring me out with all that work. Nice to see all the progress you have made.


  5. Holy Smokes my last comment published. Your WordPress has been throwing me curve balls again and I had to go get Kelly to figure out the problem. I’m writing this comment to see if it will also publish………………..


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