Oregon Visitors

Moon going down over the Dragoon Mountains early Monday morning.

In about 2007/2008 we spent a couple months in Alamos, Mexico.  We had a big Ford one ton dually truck and a 34 foot 5th wheel trailer.  In the RV park where we stayed we met another couple–Ainsley and Beryl–from Coos Bay, Oregon.  They were frequent travelers to Alamos and other parts of Mexico.  We enjoyed their company while there and have visited each other at our respective homes.  Our friends are on their way to Mexico for the winter and stopped by to see us for a few days.  We enjoyed a great dinner and catching up for a while before the tired travelers headed to their fifth wheel for the night.

WOW–Sergio’s crew is amazingly fast–they started working right at 8am Monday morning and this morning it was 7:15 when they arrived.  The guys take an hour lunch break but the rest of the time they are moving–hard at work.

I can’t wait until we bury the power lines underground and I don’t have power lines in every photo I take!

Even the styrofoam makes our little house look better!  Their scaffolding is a little western as the Cowboy would say!

And we have a finished bathroom–except for flooring and vanity lighting.  The first shower I took was marvelous–I was so weary of that tiny shower in the trailer!  We have the light fixture which goes over the mirror–soon!

I painted the end wall of the living/dining room a pumpkin color–same color I used as an accent in the North Ranch house.  I only had a partial quart can of the paint and should never have started painting with so little paint available.  Wouldn’t you know it, I needed to do some touch-up and didn’t have enough paint.  So, Seattle tells me our little hardware store sells Ace Hardware paint–they do/did and it’s a close match but what’s that saying, “close only counts in horseshoes.”  I painted the entire wall again but now I have to do the cut in work around the edges as the paint doesn’t quite match–oh, well–I needed something else to do didn’t I.

The Cowboy finished the tile floor in the small bedroom and is now laying the “baseboard” tile–it looks great!  Emmi has chased sticks and balls plus growled and barked at all these guys who have invaded her space–drives her crazy when she can hear them on the roof.


10 thoughts on “Oregon Visitors

  1. Like your adobe work crew we found the 3 fellas who did our former Congress house worked the same way. Hard at it with only a short lunch break. Sure know what you mean by the joys of a bigger shower as opposed to those smaller RV showers.


  2. In the photo this little house in right next to the big house? Is there walking space between them? And, why do you think there were two houses right next to other? The small one for guests or was this a home for elderly parent? Lots of questions. How old do you think these houses are? That should do it for now. Ha!


    1. There is walking space between the two houses, a narrow breezeway but the houses are connected via the roof. The larger of the two houses was built probably in the early 1970’s. We have no idea when the “guest house” was built. A person in the community told us the larger home was occupied by a family with multiple children. A niece was building the little “guest house.” I wish the walls could talk so we could find out why some of the weirder stuff was done! 🙂


  3. I had to laugh at your power line comment. We have been traveling in the east and the infrastructure there is old and there are low power lines everywhere and they have ruined most of my photos. I love following your hard work. No more sticks and bricks houses for us since we are full time RVing but I still appreciate the process of bringing something unattractive to it’s hidden beauty.


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