What’s Up With The Snakes

I was in the guest house cleaning the kitchen so boxes could be unpacked when the Cowboy came in the back door and said, “did you see this guy out here by the patio?” And I don’t think he was talking about a guy as in man!!  Scroll fast if you don’t want to see the snake or watch the video.  He was about six feet long and in a hurry to be somewhere else–we let him go on his merry way.

Sonoran Gopher Snake

The Cowboy made so much progress today–good grief–I think he spent about 10 hours up on the roof and it wasn’t a cool day!  The back side of the roof looked like this early in the day:

DSCN4129And by about 5:30pm it looked like this:

DSCN4131That concrete slab was all ready here and will be the site of a small garage/workshop.  We are hoping to have a garage before we leave for the north country–it’s roof will attach to the one you see in the photo and one wall of the garage will be that side of the house.  The entry door you see is leaving and we will drywall over that hole.

I wandered around Pearce this morning (didn’t take me long, it’s not very big) looking for someone who would accept UPS packages for drop off–I wasn’t successful, not one business in Pearce accepts packages for drop off.  There is a UPS drop box but one of my packages was too big–so it’s either chase the UPS man or go to Benson.

After my search I began cleaning the kitchen–ugh!–cobwebs, who knows what on the floors and cabinets but it’s clean now.  All the boxes we hauled from our North Ranch home are in the cargo trailer–I started moving some into the closet and unpacking others in the kitchen.

I had a new to me experience this morning–Laci and Lora called from Germany using Messenger video chat–I loved seeing their faces and hearing their voices–I love technology!

DSCN4107An early morning visitor Sunday.


Taken last night using my Nikon P600 Coolpix.

The FedEx man brought the Cowboy another new toy this afternoon–a Bosch Rotary Hammer.  He will have to drill holes into that cement slab to anchor the walls.  When we first toured the house the Cowboy said, I would like for that bathtub and toilet to stay in the same place–this is in the main house.  I said, “so sorry sir, get your jack hammer out, it’s not happening!”  The house sits on a concrete slab and the drains are located in that slab.  The bathroom is tiny–tub and toilet are separated by only 4 inches–nope, not happening.  My goal is to have a tiled, walk in shower–so glad he bought that hammer drill!!

DSCN4130Tired Emmi having a nap.

22 thoughts on “What’s Up With The Snakes

  1. Looks like Emmi has the best idea! You guys are amazing. I cannot imagine doing all that. It is exhausting just to read about it 🙂 but don’t let that stop you from writing your oh so welcome updates with the pictures. Gopher snakes don’t bother me but rattlers is a different story. Stay away from those! Keep up the good work.


  2. There is progress happening quickly. Your energizer cowboy is hard at work. It must be hot in the area for the snakes to be busy circling your place.


  3. Those slithering visitors of yours are one of the reasons I am sitting here at DPN and watching the flakes fall slowly to the ground. The last day or two that I was in Arizona I spent at Yellow Bird Drive and kept the dogs on a short leash as I figured those critters might be hanging out there in the desert heat.


    1. Well, that answers Mike’s question he asked me the other day–you are in DPN. Yes, I am not too thrilled about the snakes we are seeing–the one yesterday makes four–two non-poisonous and two rattlesnakes.


  4. Hope the Gopher snake keeps away the Rattlers. Should be good for mice and pack rats. When we were in ND, a road construction operator told us he unearthed a “ball” of snakes and it consisted of all snakes–bull, rattlers, garden, etc. Guess they get territorial after hybernation! Ugh. I’ve also heard that rattlers stay within 1 mile of their den. I have a phobia when it comes to creepy crawlers!!


    1. Now you had to go and dispel my myth about snakes eating snakes–I was sure hoping Bev!!! :)))) I’m not thrilled at all about all these snakes we are seeing–poisonous or non-poisonous!!


  5. Are you and the cowboy doing all this work to retire there…. Kinda a labor of love with a vision of the finished homestead?
    I just keep thinking, why? Lol
    Don’t mind me, the snakes, rats, and so much work would send me running, oh and the sand and heat. I know, I’ll for sure be eating my words when you two are finished. Love, love being able to watch it all unfold, thank you!
    Would that big snake bother Emmi?


    1. Why are we doing this??? That’s a frequent question I find myself asking! :)))) The Cowboy needs to stay busy–it’s his hobby but did we need to stay this busy!!!????? I don’t know what Emmi would do when confronted with a snake–if I was there, she will follow my command to “leave it.” Last fall in Montana we were lucky on a cool/rainy day–we had a rattler in our yard, I didn’t see him until out of the corner of my eye I saw Emmi jump side way and heard the rattler all in the same instance. I think the rattler was cold enough he moved slow enough for Emmi to be able to avoid him–close call!


      1. Have you considered giving Emmi the snake bite vaccination? And is there a vet close in case of a bite?


      2. Emmi is vaccinated against rattlesnakes and the nearest vet is 30 miles away but that’s no different than in Montana–the vet there is 25 miles away. Someone told us to give the dog Benadryl immediately if bitten–they said it helps and it probably won’t hurt!


  6. I’m so glad you did not kill the harmless snake. I love snakes and feel they are essential to our environment. Here in Texas we try to relocate rather than kill.
    Thanks again.


  7. What a pretty snake! Bull snakes eat rattlesnakes. I wonder if Gopher snakes do the same thing? A good guy to have around…maybe:) Wow!! Michael really out did himself. And, of course, you didn’t slow at all either. You two are amazing! Poor Emmi is all tired out trying to keep up with you two.


  8. Beautiful snake and wonderful to have around to keep those pack rats and other critters out of your stuff. Snakes and coyotes, I’d be in heaven there! Hope the temps stay down long enough to get the garage up – it’s great that the concrete is already there. Loving seeing the place come together, but you have to stop tiring out poor Emmi :-)))))


    1. “Beautiful snake”-????? No snake is beautiful I’m sorry to say Jodee–but he was a “good” snake and we let him stay! We are all starting to tire, not just Emmi–it’s getting a touch warm down here!


  9. I have no idea what the snake looked like….I scrolled FAST! Love the rest of your blog and seeing the progress y’all are making.


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